5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her

Hy Friends, Happy Holi! Today in this article we will discuss 5 ways in which you can play Holi with her.
Holi is India’s favorite festival. On this day, the whole of India is immersed in colors. Together they throw colors at each other, dance, and enjoy to the fullest. It has unlimited enjoyment. Everyone is very excited about this festival.

Many cities in India celebrate holi in different ways. Just like every festival you celebrate with your partner, Holi is incomplete without your partner. By the way, holi is also a lot of fun with family and friends. But it is not the excitement that you get by celebrating holi with your girlfriend or wife.

So we focus on some ways in which you can play holi with her in the most unique and special way. By celebrating Holi in these ways you can make your women partner happy. And you can make their holi festival more special. So let’s get started …. And discuss different ways to play holi with her.

Gulal Holi

gulal-5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her- by stylewati

Gulal holi means holi played with dry colors. You can play Gulal holi with your partner. In it, dry colors are spread on each other. This holi is mostly played because it does not use wet colors and wet colors are very harmful to skin and body which ladies do not like at all.

So dry holi is best. And if your partner does not like wet colored holi then play dry holi with them. This is an amazing way to celebrate holi with her. It also takes more time to remove wet colors.

Flower Holi

flower holi -5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her- by stylewati

This is the best way to play Holi. In it, flowers are thrown at each other. Flowers can also be petals. In it, people dance to the beat of drums. Men become Krishan and women’s Radha. People dance around them and throw flowers at them. It looks too adorable.

Colors are not used in this holi. Anyway, colors spoil the skin. This holi you can play in open garden and backyards. Be sure to visit Barsana Holi with your partner if you can. So you can make your wife or girlfriend feel happy by giving them a shower of flowers. This is an excellent way to play holi with her.

Lath Mar Holi

lath mar holi -5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her- by stylewati

In this holi, besides playing holi with colors, rituals are also followed. This holi is super fun. Singing men’s songs, they throw colors at ladies and ladies beat them with long sticks. Men use shields to protect themselves. Hence it is called lath mar Holi.

You simply throw colors on your wife or girlfriend then she beat you with a stick. This is a lot of fun. If you want to see this traditional holi then go for Barsnana. People here really enjoy this festival. This is an amazing style to play holi with your partner.

Bollywood Holi

bollywood holi -5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her- by stylewati

Bollywood Holi is a very glamorous type of Holi. As you may have seen in the movies holi tey it rains, the horns move. Men and women dance together, spreading colors on each other. And enjoy fully. You can create a scene like this. Get your holi photoshoot done.

So celebrate your holi with your wife or girlfriend and make their festival more special. Play this type of holi with her.

Ballons Holi

ballons holi -5 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her- by stylewati

It starts a few days before Holi. There are no rituals for this holi. It is played just for fun. They kill each other by taking water balloons and filling them with watercolor. You can surprise and have fun by hitting your wife or girlfriend with water balloons.

They will run to protect themselves. You run after them and hit the balloons. This is full of fun. So play this type of holi with your partner.


Q. Where is Holi with Flowers celebrated?

Ans. Holi with flowers is played in the rain.

Q. What is Lath Mar Holi?

Ans. In this type of holi, when men throw colors on ladies, ladies beat them with a long stick called Lathi. Men protect themselves with dhaal. That’s why it is called lath mar Holi.

Q. How many types of Holi are celebrated in India?

Ans Gulal Holi, Flowers Holi, watercolor ballons Holi, lath mar Holi and many more types of Holi.

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