7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home

Coffee is a favorite hot drink of people all over the world. 2.25 billion cups of coffee drink everyday globally. A good cup of coffee sets the mood for the whole day. What could be better than getting a cup of coffee in the morning? Drinking coffee after a long day of fatigue is also a great way to refresh your mood. And it is very difficult to go to a café and drink coffee. Instead of going to a café, we can make homemade coffee at home. Today in this article we will talk about some tips to brew the perfect coffee at home. Which is both healthy and affordable for you.

Whole beans coffee:

whole coffee beans -7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

The advantage of using whole brans is that we can drink fresh cup of coffee at any time. First take whole beans of coffee and grind them to your texture. The best part is that you can make a café like coffee at home. Always play fresco and grind just before making coffee. Another benefit of whole beans coffee is that you avoid exposure to oxygen, moisture and other people.

Fresh coffee beans:

Fresh coffee beans -7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

Always keep coffee in an open container. And place in a tight-fitting glass jar. Coffee Beans Never keep it in the fridge. Because roasted beans absorb moisture quickly. Only use fresh coffee beans for five to seven days. Keep coffee beans according to room temperature. Otherwise many beans get spoiled. Also do not store coffee powder for too long. Coffee stored for a long time absorbs moisture and can sometimes cause illness. So always use only fresh coffee beams.

Use A Scale:

scale -7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

If you want to drink coffee-like coffee, use all the ingredients in the coffee by measuring it with the help of a scale. Coffee shoppers always measure and use all the ingredients so the café is great. You can also make this type of coffee at home if you wish. In order to brew perfect coffee, it is very important that all the ingredients are in proportion. The amount of coffee and water should be maintained. The measure scale plays a key role for this. Proper ratio of ingredients boosts coffee flavor.

Right water:

Right water-7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

Water is also important for making coffee. Testing the quality of water is just as important as the quality of the national coffee. If you use bad taste of water then coffee will also become bad. So always use filtered or purified water to make coffee. The temperature of the water in the coffee should also be optimal. For example, between 195 degrees and 205 degrees. If the temperature rises above 205 degrees, the flavor of coffee becomes bitter. So keep the temperature between 195 and 205 degrees so that your coffee tastes perfect.

Right Temperature:

Most automatic machines do not provide the right temperature. It is very important to have optimum temperature to brew perfect coffee. The correct temperature is between 195-205 degrees. The coffee maker machines of High-end models manage the right temperature automatically but the machines of cheaper models do not give the right temperature. If the temperature exceeds 205 degrees it becomes very bitter.


milk -7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

Those who like black coffee do not need milk but most people in India like to drink milk coffee. The quality of milk for making coffee is as important as the quality of water and coffee beans. So always use good milk. And do not use milk cold but use it at the right temperature. If possible, add two boiled medicines to the coffee. This will further improve the taste of coffee. Minimize the use of milk powder as it contains a lot of adulterants.

Make instant coffee:

Instant coffee -7 game changing tips to brew the perfect coffee at home-by stylewati

• Coffee making water should always be fresh and of good quality. Because fresh water plays a lot of noise to give end result.
• The ratio of water to coffee should always be right. 1 tsp of coffee beans is enough to make a cup of coffee.
• By the way, it comes with two spoons. If you like coffee without milk, then it is fine. Otherwise, you can also use milk. Which makes your coffee light and creamy.
• Sugar you can use according to your taste.
• You can also use jaggery or coconut sugar.
• Coffee mug plays an important role in giving the final taste to coffee.


Q. In which container should coffee beans be stored?

Ans. Use a tight-fitting glass jar.

Q. Which ingredient can be used instead of sugar?

Ans. Jaggery or coconut oil.

Q. What should be the right temperature to make coffee?

Ans. Between 195 degree to 205 degree.



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