Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season

you are a body figure then come confuse what kind of clothes to wear in winter’s to look stylish and also good looking then follow this article. All the ladies are in tension due to their body weight that none of their outfit looks good. Think many times before wearing any stylish dress. So don’t worry, today in this article we will talk about some stylish plus size outfits to wear this winter season. So that you can show your body shape proportionate. And boost your confidence.short height then wear long and slightly loose clothes. Wear kurti which have Partitioned vertically, not horizontally.

High Neck Tee:

High neck tee-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

try to your high neck t-shirt with black jeans. In winter you can add a long coat or blazer over it. pair your long ankle shoes with this outfit. This is the most important closet essential in winter. If you want to add that then you can definitely add a matching hat with this outfit. This really looks great in winter.

Furry coat:

Furry coat-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

layered outfits and outwear are very important in winters. If you want to wear a short one-piece dress in winter then add a furry coat with your outfit. Pair kitten heels, smartwatch, Pretty hat, and handbag for a stylish look. You also can wear a fairy coat with a jeans outfit. This coat creates a very stylish and classy look.

Leather Looks:

Leather Looks-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

The best season to try leather look is winter. So wear any type of top and high waisted jeans. Add long leather jacket or coat over it. You can create fully leather look in minutes with leather coat and leather shoes. This look will definitely boost your confidence.


Velvet Top-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

Velvet fabric is also a winter wear fabric. If you want to go to party or dinner then try to wear one piece long velvet dress. You can also wear a velvet top with high-waisted jeans and add pretty jacket or blazer over it. It really looks good in winters.

Metallic outfits:

Metallic outfits-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

White looks very lovely in winter. But winter metallic colors looks more beautiful and give cooler look. Wear your knee-length skirt and add silver metallic jacket for a blazer over it. If you want to create the monochrome look in winter then pair blazer matching hat and shoes. You can also add minimum jewellery with this outfit.

Camel coat:

Camel coat-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

long camel coat is important closet essentials in winter. You can wear long camel coat with every outfit at any occasion. If you want to look more stylish and classy then add woolen scarf and add long ankle shoes with this outfit.

Sparkle and shine dress:

Sparkle and shine dress-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

in winter you want to go to parties or dinner or on any occasion. You can wear sparkle and shine dresses. This is also called Shimmery dress. New Can add a metallic coat over it and less jewelry.


Kurta-Stylish Outfits to Wear This winter season-by stylewati

Wear a long Kurti with high waisted jeans. If you are plus size and short height then go for long kurti. Make sure print a design of kurti is in vertically division. Horizontally lines make you look thicker. You can wear bear kalidar kurta, paneled kurta, add long shrugs or jacket over it. Ankle shoes with kurta and jeans looks great. You can also make woolen sweater and scarf.


Don’t use too many bright colors in your look in winter. Two bright colors are enough for your entire look. You can use neutral color
Be sure to avoid chopped bottoms in winter. Your pants or jeans should be as long as you wear anklets. It doesn’t look right in winter.
Avoid sticky fabric in winter. Go for cotton or velvet.
Avoid shawl and sweaters for party. You can add cardigan or pretty jacket with your party outfit.
If you want to wear an Indian dress, you can have a silk shawl or a velvet shawl with it in winter.
Use closed footwears in winters, avoid open sandals and open heels .


Q. What kind of kurta should plus size women wear?

Ans. Wear long kurti with high waisted jeans. And make sure its print or partitions in vertically design.

Q. What kind of clothes should plus size women avoid?

Ans. If you are plus size women Then avoid tighter clothes. Wear loose clothes slightly loose 2 inches for your body. Wear clothes according to your body shape.

Q. What kind of fabric should be avoided in winters?

Ans. Avoid sticky fabric in winters especially. Go for leather And cotton fabric.

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