How to keep the spark alive in a relationship

Relationship is very amazing feeling and everyone wants to live happy in relationship after many years of marriage or relationship. People often ask how to keep their relationship alive forever. Because after many relationships, after 3 or 5 years of marriage, their love gradually decreases or after having children, ladies stay attached to their children and men’s stay in their office.

Today in this article we will talk about subjects that how to keep the spark alive in relationship. Understand each other’s interests to keep your relationship alive, do physical attachment, do something that makes your partner happy. Go on a trip, plan a romantic date or dinner. Because the relationship does not stay alive, but has to be kept alive.


travel-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

Go on vacation with your partner. If you change your environment then a new twist will come in your relationship too. . Every time you go for a walk, or travel together, you learn a lot of new things together. Explore a lot about each other. These make your relationship even stronger forever and ever. So plan your travel or holidays.

Agree with each other

Agree with each other-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

Never insist that my partner do what I say. Or you may not always obey your partner. Sometimes agree with him or get him to agree with you. Or sometimes without any arguments his point should be accepted. So before you go anywhere, if you want to take your holiday, where you are going, what to do, sit down together and discuss everything and then make a final decision. Always agree with your partner’s decision. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. What you thinks and why. I am definitely sure they will understand you thought and agree with your decision.

Take care of your partner:

Take care of each other-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

Always take care of your partner. It’s not that when he’s sick, you just have to take care of him. Instead, take care of everything, big or small. Take care of his food, what he likes to eat, what kind of clothes he likes to wear, what looks best, what to eat and drink. And when he is sick, take extra care of him. Take care of yourself as well as your partner.

Listen Attentively:

Listen Attentively How to keep the spark alive in a relationship by stylewati

Whenever your partner is having an important conversation with you, listen to him attentively and attentively. When your mate is talking to you, look him in the eye and listen to him. When making any decision listen to your partner carefully and if you do not like that idea then you can put your opinion before him. And tell her why you like it and why you don’t. Your partner will understand your point and will support you.

Plan a Date:

Plan a date-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

Before marriage everyone plans a date but after marriage many couples don’t even think about date. But keep in mind it is also another important step to keep your relationship alive forever. There is no date to go shopping. So if you want to go on a date or a planning a date then go on a candle light dinner or beach, where you can spend your quality time together. And also have fun. You can also go on a road trip or any campus training.

Step out of comfort zone:

step out of comfort zone-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

Mostly couples go to the movies to spend their quality time. But it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Keep in mind new experience make your relationship more strong and meaningful. You can try to go cooking classes, training for a marathon, on mountain climbing, learning some new experiences. Go on a world tour.

Share secret with each other:

share secrets with each other-How to keep the spark alive in a relationship-by stylewati

when you are sad or in a big trouble then share your secrets with your partner. I am sure they definitely helps you or in your trouble. Share with your partner all the secrets you haven’t told anyone. This will make you feel relaxed and your partner will know new things about you. Sharing secrets may help your partner in your trouble. The secret can be any of your childhood memories, any funny moments, dreams, fantasy. Always trust your partner because where your partner can support you, no one else can support you.


Q. how to keep a spark alive in a relationship?

Ans. Spend some quality time together, vo on travel, listen attentively, take care of each other plan a date.

Q. how to plan a romantic date?

Ans. Keep in mind go on a shopping is not a romantic date, if you want to plan a romantic date then go for a road trip or a candle light dinner.

Q. What kind of secret can you share with your partner?

Ans. You can share your childhood funny moments, your dreams, fantasy, special memory, a secret which you have not shared with anyone till date.

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