5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven

Everyone loves shopping whether they are girls or boys. But shopping every day also costs a lot of money. That goes beyond our budget. If you also live in Mumbai and want to be in the spotlight with your new outfits and want to do new shopping every day but it is not within your budget then today in this article we will talk about some of the best markets in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven.

If you can make all the purchases within your budget. Boys and girls all season clothes, accessories like belts, bags, everything. Everything is very cheap and you can choose the best brands of clothes. Where you can also do bargaining. Every market is famous for something or other. So if you are going shopping in Mumbai then be sure to visit the referred shopping spots. For best shopping prices and brands

COLABA Market:

COLABA Market-5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven-By stylewati

Colaba market is a very famous market for jewellery. If you want to get any kind of accessories like ethnic or western wear then go for colaba market. You have to get to Mumbai CST local station to get here and then you can take a taxi. Here you can find all kinds of trending jewellery at the rate of Rs. 30 to 1000. Which you can wear with any of your dresses.

There is also a great collection of footwear. Like ptahni chappl, punjabi jutti, shoes and many more. All in the price of 150 to 500. Nothing is too expensive. If you are going to the club market for the first time then you must buy glasses from here. There are all kinds of different styles available in the price range 150 to 300.There is also a very good collection of beautiful watches. Colaba market is also famous for shirts. Because shirts of different types and styles are available here.

In girls collection you can buy skirts, shorts, plazo, jeans everything.

Bhuleshwar Market:

Bhuleshwar Market-5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven-By stylewati

Bhuleshwar market is very famous for wholesale jewellery. To get there you have to get off at the CST station and then take a taxi to the market. Here you will find variety of jewellery at reasonable prices. Every type of jewellery like bridal, Rajasthani and Maharashtrian jewellery. The price range varies from 200 to 800. Flower jewellery is also available here for mehndi and hldi.

The price range varies from around 100 to 300. This market is considered to be the hub of bangles. Bangles of all kinds and colors are also available here. The price range queries from 200 to 1000 only. All kinds of white jewellery are also available here. And also all kinds of traditional jewellery and lots of fashionable rings just in 50rupees. Which you can put on every function.

Hil / linking Road Market:

Hil linking Road Market-5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven-By stylewati

This market is located in Bandra. To reach here you first have to get off at Bandra station and take a taxi to Linking Market. This market is considered famous for its girls collection. Every type of dress like skirt, shorts, jeans, ethnic wear, Indian wear, western clothes and gowns everything is available. If you want to buy any kind of dress then go for linking market. There is a huge variety of beautiful dresses available. There are also many shops available for jeans shopping. Like low rise, mod rise jeans ,high waisted jeans ankle length jeans, Bell bottom and many brand. The price range varies around 400 to 800. This market is good option for footwear shopping. The prices vary from 200 to 800. This market is also famous for shoes. The entire Street of linking road is full of shoes.

Chor Bazar: In Chor Bazar

Chor Bazar In Chor Bazar-5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven-By stylewati

there are more than 250 shops. But due to redevelopment there are now only about 70 to 80 shops. This place is a major tourist attraction for my family because there are so many wonderful things available here. There are also a lot of furniture shops. But this furniture is not new furniture, it is old brtishan era. One hundred year old cameras are also found here.

Crawford Market:

Crawford Market-5 market in Mumbai that are shoppers heaven-By stylewati

There is so much peace in Crawford Market that the mind becomes calm. This market is very famous for dry fruits, cosmetics and chocolates. There are many variants of chocolates available, which are not even available in your local market. There are lots of brands available in cosmetics national to international. All kinds of flavors are also available in dry fruits.


Q. What is the Colaba market famous for?

Ans. Colaba market is famous for jewellery.

Q. linking road market famous for?

Ans. Linking road market famous for shoes and entire dresses.

Q. Where is the linking road market situated?

Ans. The linking road market is situated at Bandra.

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