Stop these habits right now if you want voluminous hair in 2021-2022

Hairs are The most flexible part of the body. You can make them girls straight hold and many other designs. Healthy hair is a sign of good health also. Everyone wants their hair to belong, be beautiful, healthy, and shiny. Everyone uses different types of shampoo, and conditioner, serum, and many other products to make the hair beautiful.

But with their misuse instead of growing they start breaking and become frizzy. Today in this article we will discuss what should be done to make healthy beautiful and shining hair and what habits should be avoided.

Hair wash:


The first problem with hair loss is that you do not use shampoo properly. The shampoo is thick and we apply it directly on your scalp. This is a bigger mistake. After applying the gate when it comes to washing hair it does not come out properly. Due to this, the chemicals of shampoo also remain in the head, which causes hair fall.

Repeated washing of the hair with shampoo also dries the hair and remove the natural oil from the hair. So take the shampoo in a bowl make a little water in it, make it’s liquid in bowl and mix it. And apply in hairs. It will spread well in hair. Apply the shampoo to the base beyond the length of the hair. And lightly massage with finger tips. Then wash your hair. This will remove dust and dirt from your hair.



Many people think that the more conditioner they put in hairs the smooth and shiny here will be. Some even say that applying conditioner to the roots of will make the hair smooth and shiny from the roots. While this is completely wrong.

The conditioner should always be applied at the tips or length. Be sure to wash your hairs thoroughly with plenty of water after applying the conditioner. This is because washing the scalp with a little water leaves conditioner ingredients in the surface of the scalp. Which leads to hairfall.



There are also many mistakes when it comes to hair loss. Just like combing in wet hairs is very wrong. It makes your hair break even more. After washing hairs is very soft and by combing in wet hairs, they break from the roots. So don’t comb in the wet hair. The correct way is to let the first hair dry. Then comb. Change your comb after s short time. Don’t use anyone’s comb.

Wet Hair:


The biggest mistake of drying wet hair is that after washing the hair we wrap a big towel around hair. You may Have seen that ladies dry only half of the hairs. Then roll the towel and hit it hard on the length of the hair. This causes a lot of hair breakage and split ends. To avoid this take a cotton t-shirt and wrap it in a wet hair , because the t-shirt is light. It will Also allow the hair to dry quickly and not break.



If you feel that applying extra oil makes the hair stronger. So this is your big misunderstanding. Applying too much oil solidifies the dust on the hair and dandruff occurs. One or two spoons of oil is length to put oil in the hair. If you like to apply less oil then apply the oil in such a way that it reaches all the roots.

Heat the little and lightly massage it into the hairs with the help of fingertips. It increases hair growth. Rub the remaining oil on hands and apply it on the length of hairs. Be sure to apply the oil twice a week and give a light massage so that the oil is absorbed in the hair roots.

Dandruff problem:

Dandruff problemStop these habits right now if you want voluminous hair-by stylewati

people think that dandruff occurs when the skin of their head becomes dry, but this is not the case at all. Applying too much oil to the hair causes dandruff. The dandruff bacteria grows more than the oil and form dandruff crusts. Use a DIY for this. In a bowl mix half a tablespoon of lemon juice and sour lassi.

Apply this mixture on the head with the help of a cotton ball for fingertips and massage with light hands. Now let It dry for 15 to 20 minutes. after drying lightly massage again and then wash the head. Also massage while washing the head, so that all dandruff comes out. Be sure to do this twice a week as itmake your hair dandruff-free.

Night hair care:

Night hair care-Stop these habits right now if you want voluminous hair-by stylewati

Hair should never fall out at night, there are complications in this. The night should always be in a relaxed manage hair. It will not cause complications and will not break the hairs.


Q. When is national Hair Day celebrated?

Ans. 1 October is celebrated as national hair day.

Q. Write any two tips for hair care?

Ans. Massage in hairs with oil regularly. Take right diet like minerals and vitamins for hairs.

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