9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.

Hello friends, this article is about 9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free. Women are the embodiment of beauty, sacrifice, devotion, and dedication. Women are blessed with natural jewelry. Some women are blessed with long thick and shiny hair but some are not Bless they have normal hair and need the effort to maintain it. Long, Shiny, and dancing hair is the desire of every woman. To become beautiful is the right of women every woman wants to look beautiful and present herself as a different entity.

The texture of hair differs from woman to woman. The tangle and knots in hair always irritate women, she needs extra effort to make hair tangle-free and smooth. There are some tips to make your hair tangle and knot-free:–

Avoid the products which have chemicals

Avoid the products which have chemicals-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

We have many natural products and home remedies to make our hair smooth and Shiny. We should not use the product which has more chemicals, we can prepare a hair mask at home instead of using a market hair mask which is made up of many chemicals. To make our hair healthy, shiny, and smooth we should use natural products instead of using the chemical-based product

. We can use shikakai, Amla, and Reetha powder to wash our hair. We can also use tea leaves and fenugreek seeds to nourish our hair. Many optional things are there we can use Instead of Chemical products which are available at home.

Applying Conditioner on hair

Applying Conditioner on hair-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

We should also use conditioners to make our hair smooth. Conditioner removes dryness and makes your hair soft and silky. Conditioner is applied on the lower part of the hair which is many times damaged due to pollution. To make it tangle-free we should condition it at the bottom part. After washing our hair we should apply conditioner for 5 minutes then wash it to make it fluffy and smooth so that it can easily be managed and combed.


brushes-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

Use brushes, which are of good quality Brushing hair is also an important task when you brush your hair then the brush you select is also important which makes your hair tangle-free. The selection of brush and comb should be according to body texture and length if you have short hair then you can select any brush because they will need less effort.

Hair dyes

Hair dyes-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

Use hair dyes and please very less the use of chemicals and dyes make your hair dry and messy. Changing hair color is always in vogue. Girls like to change their hair color according to their desire. Using chemicals always effect your hair and makes them dry.

You should apply fewer Chemicals to your hair if you want healthy hair. If you have white hair then you will have to color your hair. Instead of dying your hair you can use henna with a combination of many herbs and use hair dyes very rarely.

Trim your hair

Trim your hair-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

Trim your hair whenever there is a need- you should trim your hair when there is a need to cut dead ends of the hair. You should trim in 2to3months according to the growth of the hair. Trimming will help to grow hair fastly. Trimming also helps to make hair tangle-free, healthy and bouncy. You can also trim the dead ends at home because cutting can be done according to yourself.

Use of hair mask once a week

Use of hair mask once a week-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

You can use a hair mask once a week which will nourish your hair and make your hair soft and healthy. Hair masks will make your hair Tangle-free and remove dryness. Many hair masks are available in the market you can also prepare hair masks at home. You can prepare a hair mask according to the nature of your hair.

Avoid styling the hair

Avoid styling the hair-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

Whenever you style your hair by heating and using rollers then it will make your hair dry and you give a different style to your hair like straightening, crimping, curling, etc. Styling your hair will damage your quality of hair so go for other options rather than heating and making styles.

Massage your hair with good oil

Massage your hair with good oil-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

Before washing your hair you should give the hair massage with lukewarm oil so that it will remove dryness and enhance the beauty of hair by providing them nourishment., thickness and softness. And after oiling comb your hair in an upward direction the oil will go in the pores of your hair and provide complete nourishment to them.

You can use any kind of oil like coconut oil mixed with almond oil and castor oil. After doing shampoo you can use few drops of vinegar in water and then wash your hair to make them soft and bouncy.

Sleep properly and eat healthily

Sleep properly and eat healthy-9 simple tips to keep your hair tangle-free.-By stylewati

If you will not sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours then it will also affect your hair and they will start falling. Eating habits for good growth are also necessary eating healthy food will provide internal nourishment to your hair and help in the growth and thickness.


So following these tricks and tips you can keep your hair tangle-free. I hope you all like that article if you really like this article so do share it with your friends and family.
Thank you.


1) Are chemicals harmful to hair?

Chemicals are harmful to hair the hair dry and we should not use chemicals because it makes your hair fall and thin.

2) Are natural hair masks more effective than market masks.?

The natural hair mask is always helpful in giving nourishment and make your hair soft. They have no side effects and they can easily make with the ingredients available at home.

3) Is it safe to use a conditioner frequently?

No, you cannot use a conditioner frequently. You can use it once a week, overusing conditioner also spoil your hair.

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