6 simple tips to follow for healthy nails

Healthy Nails are a very important part of our skin. They also contribute a lot to our beauty. Diagnosing these also reveals the cause of diseases. You may have noticed that physician check your anemia by looking at the nails. It is very important to keep them healthy and clean. So that views also look beautiful and your health is also well today in this article we will talk about some nail care tips and remedies. By falling damn you can make your nails beautiful, healthy, and strong.

 Do not keep your hands in the water too long, with is the nails become very soft and start breaking.
 If this is your job, in which you have to wash your hands frequently that use work gloves.
 Make sure to moisturize your nails daily. It is important to moisture in the face so it is important to moisturize nails too.

 Applying petroleum jelly or Vaseline on nails bad and cuticles daily before going to bed.
 Heat a little bit of olive oil and massage it on the nails and cuticles it increases blood circulation in this area.
 When you are going for a manicure-pedicure make sure they do not use any sharper instrument into the nail bed. It causes infection and fungal.

 Clean your nails every day with a nail brush so that the dirt gets out of them and they can be beautiful and strong.
 Always shape your nails with a nail filer and use a nail filer in a circular motion. Remove the nail polish every third day and moisturize your nails well.

Minimize manicures.


This is become getting a manicure more often remove the natural oil from the nails and they become brittle.

Home remedies:

there are some home remedies by following them you can make your nails beautiful and strong and your nails will grow up.

Lemon remedy:

Lemon remedy-6 simple tips to follow for healthy nails-By Stylewati

take a half bowl of warm water and squeeze a half lemon into it. Now dip the nails of both your hands in this water for 5 to 7 minutes. Gently massage and after taking the hands out rub squeezed lemon on your nails. Then wash your hands with cold water. This will make your nails beautiful white and strong. Be sure to use the remedy once In a week. Lemon contains vitamin c which is very beneficial to nails and their growth.

Toothpaste remedy:


take any toothpaste and one brush. Make sure the bristles of the brushes are not too hard, it should be soft. Now apply a thick layer on the nails of toothpaste and rub it with a brush. Gently rub for 5 to 7 minutes with a brush after rubbing wash your hands with normal water. This remedy removes the bacteria from nails and makes them nails strong and beautiful. It is very important to keep them clean and healthy to grow properly.

Orange juice and garlic paste remedy:

Orange juice and garlic paste remedy-6 simple tips to follow for healthy nails-By Stylewati

take half a bowl of orange juice and put a garlic paste in it and mix it well. Now dip your both hands in the mixture for 4 to 5 minutes. Urgently scrubber nails and cuticles. Now take one bowl and put olive oil in it. And dip each nail in it individually. It is very important to moisturize your nails after any type of treatment. Olive oil makes your hands and nails more often.

Nail serum:


castor oil is very beneficial to grow your head similarly it is beneficial for nails growth too. Because it contains protein which is very beneficial for skin hairs and nails too. So we need the ingredients to ready the nail serum. Take one tablespoon of castor oil and mix it well and add one Vitamin E capsule oil in it after cutting. Now mix it well and apply it every day before going to bed and massage your nails and cuticles. Leave it overnight. It gives strength to your meals and makes them beautiful and longer.


• Stop nail-biting, when you get free or nervous you start biting your nails first. This habit right now.
• It is not always necessary to have nail polish, so sometimes leave the nails without nail polish.
• Use the remover sparingly as the chemicals in it are harmful to the nails.
• Remove the nail paint every third day because applying too much nail paint makes your nails yellow and dirty.


Q. Is lemon is beneficial for nails?

Ans. Yes, lemon contains vitamin C which is very beneficial to nails.

Q. Is manicure is harmful to nails?

Ans. Yes, too much treatment of manicure is harmful to nails because it reduces the natural oil from the nails.

Q. How many days should nail paint be removed?

Ans. Remove the nail paint every third day because the blind too much nail makes your nails yellow and dirty.

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