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10 ways to look classy & sassy

Nowadays, every girl wants to look Classy, beautiful, stylish, and Sassy. Be it a college girl or working woman, everyone wants to look chassis and classic and cute. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or get stylish expensive clothes to look fashionable and Stylish but also to look classy and sassy by choosing the right clothes and wearing them in the right way. Today in this article we discuss some tips and tricks by following you to look chic, sassy, and classy.

Quality innerwear:


you should take care of your inner garments for undergarments before wearing any outfit. If you are wearing spaghetti under a transparent shirt, then make sure that the straps are not loose. Always buy innerwear according to your size. They should be in the proper size. Neither too loose nor too tight. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and the person talking to you will also feel uncomfortable. You can also wear shapewear So that the fitting of your clothes can be proper.

Always Tuck in:


take your shirt or T-shirt in near pants or trousers even a sweater during the winter season. It makes your outfit sharper and also makes your legs look longer. This outfit is a great tip for short-height girls. This will make you look slightly taller. Always wear light and colour clothes like pink, white, grey and peach. Dark colours down near look Sofia light and colours as well it helps to look expensive and sassy.

Footwear and handbag:


along with the cloth, your footwear should be also good. Then whether they are flat shoes or high heels. Try to always wear pointy heels are shoes. Only wear comfortable heels, Don’t Let The heels be too high so you can feel uncomfortable or don’t go away. Like you can we wear long boots with a skirt. Flat sneakers or High heels with jeans or any dress. people take a second look at your handbag. Be sure to always carry a light colour handbag. Bright colours and matching handbags with dresses do not look good. You can get the white, off-white, grey and brown handbag. This will make your look even more elegant.



By natural make-up, I didn’t mean you don’t wear makeup. I mean don’t wear too much makeup. Use light makeup like only use Kajal and mascara to light near eyes and coloured lip balm to brighten your lips and use concealer to enhance your skin tone. Use neutral colours for eyeshadows and lipstick. Darker colours take down your look do not use foundation daily it causes pimples and rashes.

Neutral colours:

Neutral colors-10 ways to look classy & sassy-By stylewati

whatever outfit you are wearing for going out or going to a wedding, always wear neutral colours like skin, brown, peach, and black. This type of colour looks beautiful and gives you a wonderful look. Don’t buy more bright colours by the cloth according to their size neither too loose nor too tight. If possible then combine the hi-top or t-shirt with skinny tight jeans and a skin-tight top combined with a loose bottom. it makes you classic and stylish.

Leather jacket:


A leather jacket makes you look more graceful and pretty. If you wear a crop top then wear a leather jacket with it. Believe me, you look gorgeous in this outfit. Prefer to black jacket always because you can wear a black colour with all type of colours. Army colour jacket is also a good colour for jacket. Long jackets look brilliant on any outfit.



small golden earrings with a layered necklace give you the perfect sassy and classy look. Do not wear too long earrings and too many rings on your hands. It’s not looking good. Just wear a small earring, a layered simple necklace and watch and bracelet in other hands. Lesser jewellery gives you a gorgeous look always. too much jewellery looks beautiful on marriage not in daily life or for the office look.

Belt up:


For some time, the belt was only worn to tighten loose pants trousers. But now wearing a belt is a fashion. it makes your looks extra expensive. if you wear loose, baggy clothes then wear any fashionable belt on your waist to look great. you can wear a belt on jeans, baggy clothes, and a skirt or long jacket also.



monochrome means wear the same coloured top and bottom. it can also vary in shades. This is a trick that is easy to apply and the results are full proof. You can create a classic look by wearing a high-waisted pants video crop top and wearing the same color jacket over it. You can also look classic by wearing matching sneakers with the skirt, frock, or any outfit.


Fabrics-10 ways to look classy & sassy-By stylewati

Natural fabric like cotton, silk, raw silk is better-looking any day. And it is comfortable also compare to synthetic, polyester, and rayon. These fabrics always live in Trend. You can make a top, Kurti, or saree from this fabric. it is really comfy and has good fabric. Jeans will be always in fashion .you can wear any type of top, shirt, Kurti even a t-shirt with jeans every day.


Q1. Which fabric will never be out of fashion?

Ans. Cotton, silk, and raw silk.

Q2. What kind of clothes should be worn to look classy?

Ans. Lighten-coloured clothes, neither too tight nor too loose.

Q3. How to wear jewellery for a classic and stylish look?

Ans. Simple layered necklace, small earrings, watch, and bracelet in other hands.

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