Vitamin E is a godsend ingredient for skincare here are 5 reasons you should try it

Vitamin E is a compound of eight fat-soluble is four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. vitamin E act as an antioxidant in the body. it protects the cell’s membranes from reactive oxygen species. it enhances the immune system of the body and protect the skin from UV rays and various skin disease and also help to cell regeneration.

Uses Of Vitamin E for Skin:

vitamin E is widely used for skincare. you can take capsules of vitamin E or use vitamin E oil gently on the skin for good results. vitamin E is a god-sent ingredient for skincare. today we discuss more reasons for vitamin E that you should try for your skin.

Moisturise the Skin:

Moisturise the Skin-Vitamin E is a godsend ingredient for skincare here are 5 reasons you should try it-by stylewati

The main benefit to use vitamin E is, it Moisturise your dry skin and keep your skin soft and pulpy. you can use vitamin E with aloe vera gel and also take a capsule of vitamin E as a night treatment. vitamin E contains Tocopherols and Tocotrienols which Moisturise your skin and help to make them as soft and beautiful as ever. it works well on your all body skin not only for face skin. it worked well under the eye and reduce your dark circles.

Reduce Scar and Blemishes:

Vitamin E is also helpful to remove acne and acne scars. Tocopherols remove the acne scars from your skin as always and give back your flawless skin. you also can use many products of vitamin for acne like cream, face wash, gel, face mask, or vitamin E capsule. If you want to use a capsule then follow this instruction for better results.
– Cut 2-3 vitamin E capsules in a bowl apply its oil directly on acne overnight for better results and wash your face the next morning.

Protect Your Skin From Harmful Rays:

Everyone has read that some harmful rays are known as UV rays from the sun come to the earth and cannot go back. these rays are very harmful to our body and skin. by taking the right amount of Vitamin, you can protect your skin from their harmful rays using products of vitamin E, because the vitamin is a combination of antioxidant and UV absorptive properties.

Prevents Sign Is Ageing:

Prevents Sign Is Ageing-Vitamin E is a godsend ingredient for skincare here are 5 reasons you should try it-by stylewati

the vitamin is a good ingredient that keeps your skin soft and supple. you can use Vitamin E oil on your face overnight for anti-aging treatment. it has a thick consistency. Apply before going to bed for the best result. vitamin E has rich ingredient antioxidants that gently affect your wrinkles. getting the right amount of Vitamin E can help to prevent premature wrinkles.

Keep Your Lips Soft:

Keep Your Lips Soft-Vitamin E is a godsend ingredient for skincare here are 5 reasons you should try it-by stylewati

Vitamin E also works well for lips. it keeps your lips soft and supple and makes them Moisturise and healthy. Vitamin E boosts Your immune system and helps to generate new cells. if you want to use a capsule for dry lips then follow this instruction it effectively protects your lips from sun damage also. simply cut the capsule and apply it directly on lips as gentle massage for better results.

Vitamin E Precautions :

Here are some points to keep in mind before taking vitamin E.

  • Pregnancy: Do not take Vitamin E during pregnancy without the advice of your health doctor.
  • Children: stop the children to take higher doses of Vitamin E at the daily upper limit. it causes bleeding or headache.
  • Bleeding Disorders: if you are a bleeding disorder patient then avoid taking vitamin E .but if you want to take vitamin E, firstly take your doctor’s advice.
  • Heart disease: There is also a risk for a heart patient to take an overdose of Vitamin E . so avoid taking a higher dose of vitamin E than limits.
  • Diabetes:if you have diabetes then avoid taking to vitamins that are greater than 400 IU daily.
    1. Head and neck cancer
    2. Prostate Cancer
    3. Surgery

People with this disease should take Vitamin E only after consulting their doctor and not taking more than the required amount. Too much Vitamin E can lead to death or hospitalization.

Rich Food Of Vitamin E:

There is a list of the rich food of Vitamin E that is best for the skin.

Nuts, seeds like sunflower seeds

  • broccoli, green vegetables
  • vegetable oil, wheat germ
  • abalones, salmon
  • peanut, spinach

Side Effects of Vitamin E:

Vitamin E boosts the immune system of our body and also makes new cells in the blood. taking the right amount of vitamin is never deficient in our body but sometimes taking a higher dose of it can be harmful to us this can be lead to death or hospitalization or many other problems like blood pressure, headache, bleeding and cell reduction in your body. that’s why always take vitamin E with the advice of your doctor so that you do not face any other problems.


Q1. What happens if I take an overdose on vitamin E?

Ans. Sometimes taking too much Vitamin E can lead to hospitalization.

Q2. What happened if I missed a dose of Vitamin E?

Ans. If you ever forget to take vitamin E dose to remember to take your dose as soon as possible. never take too much dose at next day .take the same dose as before.

Q3. What is the source of vitamin E good for the skin?

Ans. Green vegetables, Spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanut sources are good for the skin.

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