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Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!

New Year means new season, and Spring-summer means a fresh bout of colors and cuts on runways of the Biggest Fashion weeks of the world. At Stylewati, we care about our readers being up-to-date with the latest Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends, and thus, we have carefully curated THE bulletin of rules that you have to follow to stay stylish this season.

The color “Beige”:

The color “Beige”-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

Be it Burberry or a collection as diverse as Max Mara this year at the Paris Fashion Show to Balmain, the color beige has snuck in and made its presence known. An easy definition of this shade would be a cross between brown and biscuit, and it can easily transition from something you can wear to work to a color you can flaunt at a party also. If you want, you can go head-to-toe in beige, and the color would ideally rock your spring-summer look easily.

Lace and dollface:

Lace and dollface-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

It is 2019 and lace is nowhere close to leaving on our list of Spring-summer must-haves. And now, it has come hand-in-hand with full-face defining make-up, which gives you a very Victorian feel. Both of them together create a very dreamy look – and it is perfect for a Sunday Brunch under the sky, with the spring breeze for company. From Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham, people have included lace and doll-like makeup together to achieve very iconic and distinctive looks for 2019.

Feathers and fringe:

Feathers and fringe-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

The fashion doctor called, and his verdict for Spring-summer 2019 is to add feathers and fringe to your party dresses. It is almost like the Roaring 20s are back with a nod to the flapper silhouette. Valentino and Richard Quinn have added a healthy dose of feathers to their trimmings, while Givenchy has used fringes in their rhinestone capes, which were of a commendable hip-skimming length.

Hats for your consideration:

Hats for your consideration-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

Your Spring-summer 2019 outfit is complete without a headgear, but would you like it to be? One of the hugest trends in accessories this year is the comeback of the hat, or if you are going the Max Mara direction, it must be a scarf for you. Simone Rocha and Erdem brought back Victorian discretion, while Valentino’s raffa sun hats are bound to make an impression.

Anybody calling the sea? :

Anybody calling the sea -Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

Summer means beaches, and designers including Dior and JW Anderson have kept it in mind this fashion season, by putting elements of the sea in their creative designs. The use of nets in their clothes, puka shells and all the mermaid-worthy influences will make you closer towards the water than you already will be. This trend will fulfill all your fashion fantasies related to California dreamin’ – seashells and beautiful colors, all paired with a carefree attitude and comfortable silhouettes. Feel the breeze in your neck and embrace the call of the sea with open arms.

Prints are back:

Prints are back-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

Not shocking the entire world of fashion critics, prints are back – and good news, nobody cares if you clash them. Florals, patterns, lines and dots are here to stay and make you look good. Versace and Dolce and Gabbana were the ones who brought them back in the Milan Fashion week, followed by the loud colors of Balenciaga and little regard for which goes with what. Fashion can also be a ground of resistance through cuts, silhouettes and colors, and this is what proved it.

Work is fun:

Work is fun-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

One of the most fun trends this season has been the colorful suits that adorned the runway of Boss, Peter Pilotto, Balenciaga and Roksanda. Imagine – no dull days at work! With preferably white optic shoes to pair it with, wear popping colors amidst a crowd of bleh and make your presence fashionably known.

Biker shorts, of course:

Biker shorts, of course-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

You can put a literal stamp on a trend saying “It’s here to stay” if the Kardashians start endorsing it, and then it hits the runway and takes everything by storm. Cutting itself short a little bit above your knees, biker shorts are this year’s answer to “comfy yet trendy”. Almost as if a siren alarm has gone through the world of fashion, the biker shorts have announced their arrival on the couture circuit, and the verdict is that – it’s awesome! If major fashion labels like Chanel, Fendi and Prada are on the bandwagon, who are we to diss on it?

Utility is key:

Utility is key-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

The message was clear – this year, we are going to endorse sustainable cuts and wearable silhouettes that flaunt our curves. Falling somewhere between chic safari and modern military, with shades that range between earthy to khaki tones, Spring summer 2019 has brought back belted trousers, jackets and jumpsuits that help us be comfortable and cool in this heat. Brands like Givenchy, Hermes and Giambatista Valli have made their point crystal clear with this trend – that they are moving towards more substance, with style.

Bleach it like the 90s:

Bleach it like the 90s-Top 10 Spring-Summer 2019 trends to watch out for!-by stylewati

Taking a cue from the move towards utility in fashion, designers have shifted towards what is perhaps the most sustainable of all fabrics – denim. And bleached denims to at that! Move away from your frills and cuts and overtly structured shoulders, and go casual in some acid washed jeans and tye-dye printed tops. Denim washed up (pun intended!) in collections of Balmain and Celine in the Paris Fashion Week, and also in the shows of Proenza Schouler in New York Fashion Week. For Spring Summer 2019, you will be seeing denim in a plethora of silhouettes – in skirts, in dresses, in summer jackets, and even in boots. And if you are feeling a bit experimental, then pair it with other fabrics, or separates and go nuts!

Hopefully, we could help our readers with what to expect in the new collection stores, and what to add in your shopping list the next time you go to a mall. At Stylewati, we always make sure that our readers are always up to date with the latest happenings in the world of fashion, and stay on top of all the trends in vogue!

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