Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home

In this article, we will talk about some simple yoga asana that you can do at home and are very beneficial for your health. As we all know health is wealth. If we get a well then we can do whatever we want .yoga such as an exercise which if we do it every day then both our health and mind will be in control. The mind will always be in control, stable and the body will always be healthy. The body will have many benefits. Yoga also cures many ailments like leg pain, knee pain, and back pain, and other ailments if done properly.


VAJRASANA-Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home-By stylewati

Vajrasana is one such asana that can be done immediately after eating. This assertion is used to digest food. This allows food to be digested faster. Doing this as Nara leaves problems like constipation salty blacking and gas.

The leg muscles are strong. Prolonged breathing also benefits the lungs. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. The mental stress is gone. Lower back pain is also removed.
1.5 minutes after eating spread your yoga mat or blanket at a good calm place.
2.Sit with both feet spread forward.
3. Then bend the knee of the left foot and sit with those facing backward and upwards. Now bend the right in such a way that the hips come between the heels or ankles.

4. Keep the toes together. Make a difference between two heels.
5. Keep the body perfectly straight. Keep both hands on the knees.
6. Slowly release the body. You can also do this asthma by closing your eyes. Then slowly take a long deep breath.

7. Remember to always breathe through the nose, not through the mouth inhale only through the nose, and exhale through the nose.


PADMASANA -Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home-By stylewati

Padam means lotus. By practicing this was not the body shape become like a lotus. Hence it is also called the lotus pose. Doing this asana achieves physical and mental stability. This is asthma in which the body can stay for a long time.

This action is considered to be the best for meditation. This asana relieves back pain. Reduce the discomfort of the menstrual cycle. Increase the digestive power. The posture reduces muscles tension. Helps to reduce belly and waist fat.
1. Spread your yoga mat clean and calm place.
2. Sit with both feet spread forward.
3. Band the right leg and place a photo on the left thigh. Now and then left leg is in the same way and the keep the foot on the right side.
4. Now slowly release the shoulder.
5. Take a slow and deep breath.
6. Keep the body straight
7. Remember that the knees should touch the floor.
8. Do this asana 5 to 10 times. Sitting the Padma asana for as long as you can. Do not push too hard on the body.

ADHO MUKHA SVAASANA( Downward facing fog):

ADHO MUKHA SVAASANA( Downward facing fog)-Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home-By stylewati

you can do this asthma very comfortably at home. Very beneficial for health. During asthma your body gets in shaped like a dog structure its body and it is called a downward facing dog pose. It helps to stretch the spinal cord.

The posture of the body is increased. Heel pain decreased. This asana gives flexibility to the body. Remember that for those with back on leg injury we should not do this asana. If you want to do it then you must first consult the doctor.
1. First of all set in the Vajrayana.
2. Keep your knees down and your feet back. Bend down and put your hand forward and come into the cat pose.
3. Keep the head on the mat while inhaling.
4. Now lift your head and keep your straight on the mat.
5. If you do not feel comfortable reduces stretching.
6. Now lift the hips while inhaling.
7. State the elbows and knees turn your head in words between your shoulders.
8. Try to focus the eyes on the navel.
9. Stand in this position for a while according to your capacity.
10. Then come to relax mood with journeys on the ground and keep relax.


TADASANA ( PALM TREE POSE ) -Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home-By stylewati

this asana can also be done at home. It’s mostly is done to increase height. Doing this asana makes your body as strong as a palm tree. Hence it is also called palm tree pose or mountain pose. Tadasana gives s strength to the digestive system. The height increases. Stretching clues in the body. The problem of constipation is removed. The problem associated with the menstrual cycle is also cured. The spinal cord is a stretch, which increases the posture of the body. This asana also removes laziness.
1. Stand on your yoga mat.
2. Set distance in about five to six inches and both feet.
3. Straighten the hands and move the fingers together and move upwards.
4. As you breathe in slowly lift your arms up and down from your feet to your toes.
5. Bring the body halfway up as someone is pulling you up.
6. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds.
7. Then slowly return to your straight position with shortness of breath.
8. Do this asthma from 10 to 15 times every day. You will have a lot of benefits.

BHUJANGASANA( cobra pose ) :

BHUJANGASANA( cobra pose ) -Simple ways in which you can do yoga for health and at home-By stylewati

this asana is also called cobra pose. Disaster is done by lying on the ground and turning the back upwards. Had the upper words in the poster of snakes crushed fang. This asana keeps the digestive system healthy and relieves constipation. Increase the flexibility in bones. The blood flows smoothly in the body. The irregularity of the menstrual cycle is removed. Asthma and sciatica get rid of diseases. Like back pain goes away. Very beneficial for kidneys. Keep the lungs healthy. Doing this asthma remove the problem of diabetes also.
1. Lie on your mat front side down.
2. Brand your elbows and place your hands near your shoulders.
3. Open the claw backward.
4. Lift the body above your navel.
5. Lift the chest with emphasis on the shoulders.
6. Straighten the elbow slightly inwards.
7. Breathe slowly while looking up.
8. Get down in a relaxed position with shortness of breath.
9. Relaxed the feet.
10. Band your arms forward and take three deep breaths.
11. Do this asana 5 to 10 times daily according to your body capacity.


Q. Name some five actions that can be done at home.

Ans. Vajrasana, padmasana, downward facing dog, tadasana, bhujangasana.

Q. Which asana is also called cobra pose?

Ans. Bahujangasana.

Q. Write the two benefits of padmasana.

Ans. It increases digestive power.
Helps to reduce belly and waist fat.

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