How to adapt yourself from Home-life to Campus-life! 2021

The threshold of adulthood reaches to us very soon, sooner than we expect. Suddenly after high-school, it is like the entire world just goes topsy-turvy, and you are standing in a world where you don’t know any of the rules. It becomes confusing and the sudden freedom of getting out of your parents’ house and living on your own can affect the sense of your responsibility in either a positive, or a negative way. In the end, it all depends on you, and how you choose to deal with the colossal change that is happening in your life. However, writers at Stylewati are always there to help you while figuring out your priorities, and thus, we have come up with a foolproof guide on how to keep your head on your shoulders and ride on a smooth transition from a guarded, loving home life into the big, bad world on your own.

Choose your friends very carefully

Choose your friends very carefully-How to adapt yourself from Home-life to Campus-life!-by stylewati

New world, new college, new friends – everything feels so exciting! The fresh breath of air in the canteens between classes, after-hour plans to go out and chill, and the whole spirit of camaraderie between students who want to explore this newfound freedom is very intoxicating to begin with. It is very easy to fall into a certain routine if you are continuously hanging out with a certain group of people who vibe with you. After a point, especially if you are living alone, or in a hostel with roommates, your friends become an important part of your daily life. You will turn to them for any help you need – be it emotional or otherwise. You learn to depend on people with your life – and they were virtually strangers to you some time ago. That is why you need to learn how to weed out the negative people, and keep only those who provide positivity to your life. Make friends with people who you can trust, and remember to never judge anyone for their life choices. Chances are that, like you need them, they also need you.

Learning the difference between Freedom and Independence


Stepping out of the comfort zone that was your house can be a really scary feeling. Usually in the beginning it is masked with the excitement of finally having the freedom to take your own decisions, but that wears away by the time you actually are in the moment where you have to make an informed decision all by yourself. Once out of their home, people usually blur the lines between their understanding of freedom and independence, and end up taking reckless decisions that they end up hating later. The power to do whatever you can is huge, and you need a good head on your shoulders to balance that, and choose to delve into things that really matter to you. Once you start living on your own, the idea of responsibility starts to kick in. Embrace it, because in the end of the day you will be proud of yourself for making it on your own.

Falling in love and the whole “College Romance” phase


Usually the age of 18 is when Bollywood movies show you the ideal start of romance in anyone’s life. Maybe it is the air of independence or the fact that you are finally okay to experience how life feels while sharing it with someone else makes it SO important that you do go through a “College Romance” phase. It is imperative to figure out where you stand personally on the front of relationships. The key to survive is to not assume too much baggage in any relationship you are a part of. You are not getting married to the first person you go out with, and that is probably the first thing you learn as a consenting adult in a mature relationship. Being in a real relationship makes you realize how to divide responsibilities, deal with emotions, test how much of yourself you can really contribute in a relationship and how you understand and deal with the idea of “love”. Also, college is a time when you also have the time and freedom to explore parts of yourself you probably haven’t before, and this becomes a huge eye-opener for those who are willing to experiment with their sexuality and become the person they are supposed to be. It is indeed a magical, magical time to grow and learn more about yourself than anything else.

Personal growth and whatnot!

Personal growth and whatnot!-How to adapt yourself from Home-life to Campus-life!-by stylewati

Spending a few years away from home will make you a completely different version of yourself – little things like being able to do your laundry or paying your bills, or learning to do that pretty hairstyle all by yourself will create massive ripples of change in your personality. Perhaps the first people who notice and embrace these changes will be your family members, and you will never feel prouder than the moment when they say that they are actually seeing you as a responsible adult now. The whole point of staying outside your home and learning to do everything by yourself is to be prepared for the next part of your life, where college will not be there as a shield to protect you. All the problems, all the obstacles and all the heartbreaks will make you a better and stronger person – so accept everything that campus life throws at you, and tell yourself all the time that you are capable of handling everything.

The shift from home life to campus life is a huge one, perhaps one of the biggest that one goes through. Every experience, every first time, every little thing that you learn by yourself becomes a huge defining moment – and these moments accumulate and make you a different person. Its magical, it is scary, but at the same time, it is beautiful. It is alright to be afraid of taking the first step towards venturing out, and it is alright if you are not. As long as you are ready to adapt yourself to the changes, you are sorted. Life is amazing, you just need to open your eyes to the endless possibilities.

Stylewati is always there for you, anytime you need a warm hand of friendship and acceptance in the tumultuous yet awesome times ahead.

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