GANESH CHATURTHI 2021 : Things to keep in mind during Ganesh immersion

This article covers celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and the importance and reason behind immersing them after 10 days of worship. This article also contains the history behind Ganesh’s immersing. India’s collection of religious festivals. All the festivals are celebrated with much fanfare. One of them is Ganesh Chaturthi. People look forward to this day every year.

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, people established Ganapati Ji in their homes, and on the day they also take was vowed to worship Ganapati Ji in their house for how many days. Worship with all their heart, do bhajan and kirtan, and shout out loud Ganpati Ji matras. “ Om Gam Ganpataye Namah” , “Ganpati Bappa morya.. Mangal Murti Morya”

People from society or family members participate in Aarti together in the morning and evening during the stand days there is an atmosphere of happiness all around in every city and society.

Another specialty of this festival is that with the same enthusiasm with which people established Ganapati Ji in their home they immerse Ganapati Ji in the same enthusiasm. People celebrate these 10 days like a whole festival, dance, sing, prepare various delicacies and bring the bug to Ganpati Ji. As long as Ganpati Ji stays at home, he is never kept alone every moment someone or other is sitting in his presence.


GANESH CHATURTHI MANTRAS-GANESH CHATURTHI 2021 Things to keep in mind during Ganesh immersion-By stylewati

People chant these mantras while sitting in the presence of Ganpati ji. Ganesha’s greatness, everyone praises in their own way, someone sings a hymn, someone sings a religious song and someone chants Ganapati’s mantra
“ Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”
“Ganapati Bappa morya …Mangal Murti morya”


HISTORY BEHIND GANESH VISARJAN-GANESH CHATURTHI 2021 Things to keep in mind during Ganesh immersion-By stylewati

The practice of immersing in the idol of Ganesha has been going on for many years. Today we will talk about the story behind the Ganesh immersion.
According to mythology, Sri Ved Vyasa narrated the story of Mahabharata to Lord Shri Ganesha Ji. Which was written by Shri Ganesha Ji with his own hands. The day that Ved Vyas Ji started this story is Ganesh Chaturthi. This day is known as Ganesh Chaturthi.

Vedvyas ji closed his eyes and recited the story of Mahabharata to Ganesh Ji for 10 consecutive days and Ganesh Ji kept writing it. When the story was over and he opened his eyes. He saw that by working nonstop for 10 consecutive days, the body temperature of Shri Ganesh’s jihad increased a lot. As soon as they saw this, he took Shri Ganesh Ji to a nearby lake so that his body could be cooled.

It is said also that to reduce the body temperature of Ganesh Ji, Ved Vyas Ji applied chromatic clay on Ganesha’s body so that the temperature does not rise further. But it didn’t make any difference. The high temperature also dried up the soil. Due to this Ganesh’s body became stiff. Then Vedvyas ji took him in water to remove the applied clay and to cool the body temperature.

This is the day of “Anant Chaturthi”. From that day the practice of immersing Ganesha began.
On this day, people immerse Ganesh Ji with great enthusiasm and wish him to come back next year to their home and apologize for mistakes and pray for families’ will being.

Keep things in mind during Ganesha Visarjan: There is a list of things that keep in mind during Ganesh Visarjan

    • On the day of Anant Chaturthi, worship lord Ganesha with rituals. Bring them fruit and modak. To take leave of them by doing Aarti.
    • A strip, separate a pink or red or yellow cloth over it. Purify it with sprinkling Ganga jail on a strip and decorated it with flowers.
  • Now, keep the idol of Ganesh Ji on this decorated strip and also keep his clothes, fruits, and flowers with him.
  • Make a bundle of rice, wheat and panchmeva and put some coins in it. Keep this package with the idol.
  • Now Ganpati Ji for immersion. Before immersion to Aarti of Ganesha once again. Apologizes for the mistakes you made in these days. Pray for the family’s well-being and wish you an early arrival next year.
  • Now immerse Ganpati Ji in water. Only people who go in the water know to swim.
  • Don’t throw away Ganpati Ji accumulated belonging things. Let it also get water flowing with Ganpati Ji. Remember not a cloth or polythene into the water as it can harm the animals in the water.
  • Divide the Aarti coconut as Prasad among the family numbers.

Immerse of Ganapati Ji with keeping all these things in mind. With lots of happiness. And with good thoughts in mind, go to make the idol of Ganpati Ji flow in the water. Wish yourself and the whole world well and worship with a sincere heart so that you can reap the rewards.


Q. When is Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated?.

Ans. 10 September.

Q. When Ganpati immersion is done?

Ans. Ganpati visarjan can be done after 235 10 days after then Ganesh Chaturthi but according to mythology do immersion after 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Q Who wrote the Mahabharata?.

Ans. Mahabharata was written by Ganesh Ji Bihast of Ved Vyas.

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