Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 – Read before bringing Ganpati Bappa at home

Ganpati Bappa Morya is the sound echoes in our ears on the day of Ganesh chaturthi when people bring idol of Lord Ganesha at home . People bring the idol with the spirit of joy and happiness throwing colors , beating drum, singing and dancing .They welcome Lord Ganesha like the arrival of newly wed bride .They decorate the Ganesha’s idol with new yellow colored silk attire with the glittering shine of jewellery , Chandan and kumkum enhancing its beauty .The whole atmosphere covered with the mist of colors, essense of flowers and the fog of fragrance released by the wooden stick I,e agarbatti .
Ganesh chaturthi is Hindu festival celebrated for ten days. It celebrated on the birthday of lord Ganesha by following certain rules. In India people are pious in performing any kind of worship. on the day of Ganesh chaturthi people establish clay idol of lord Ganesha . Before establishing they clean their house and take bath .
Kalash sathapna

After Cleaning and making whole environment pious they do kalash sthapna by filling kalash with water and putting coconut on it by decorating kalash with betal leaves.After kalash puja Ganpati is established by purifying the idol with sprinkle of ganga jal than a pure thread is adorned from left shoulder to right side known as We put samdal or kumkum Tilak on its forehead with some rice known as’ akshad”. Durga and red flowers are offered with chanting mantras it is called Pranpratishtha .It is done by the mantra of After Ganpati sthapna ladoo or Modak is offered . Ladoo and Modak are favorite sweets of Bapa .After that a lamp of ghee is also lightened and aarti is performed.As Ganesha is considered as first God to be worshipped to get blessings of every God.
Regarding this we also have phrase in Hindi
Which we often use before starting any work”I,e” Shree Ganesh of anything’.

Satvik food

Regarding food all the devotees are bounded to eat satvic food not tamasik.Satvic food controlls all the aggressive emotions and feelings by providing mental health and calmness.It is vegetarian food without onion and garlic with less spices.Daily bhog is offered to lord Ganesha because in festive period he is guest of our family so food is first offered to him.The festive period or Ganpati ji will remain in the home for 15,9,7,3days according to faith.During festive period all’the family members or devotees should remain pious physically and mentally i.e no drinking, no gambling,no cheating otherwise Lord Ganesha will punish for foul.The language should also be polite without any negative or abusive touch.
On the festive period there should be atleast one family member.We can’t leave Bappa alone till visharjan or immersion day.The mythology behind the establishment and immersion is rebirth of Bappa with an elephant headed.It is also known as Vinayak Chaturti.lord Ganesha is considered as the god of wisdom and intelligence which removes all the obstacles comes in our lives.

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