7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight

Weight loss after pregnancy is easy when you focus on a healthy diet and take your daily routine including physical activities.
Earlier, women had often been told to wait for exercises at least six weeks after birth. But the waiting game is over.
If you have had a vaginal delivery, it’s usually safe to start light exercise during pregnancy – or once you’re ready to do it. Tell your health care provider when to start a workout if you have a C-section or complicated birth. Usually, around four to six weeks after your delivery, you can begin light exercises.

Avoid eating out

Avoid eating out-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

Don’t eat every day. The foods in fat, salt, and calories usually are high. Sugar or trans-fat and foods with refined foods, fried foods, and heavy sauces must be avoided.

Eating sufficient proteins

Eating lean, whole protein every meal contributes to improved muscle growth, activity, and recovery. The metabolism and fat burning are also enhanced and corporeal sounds and performance improved. Whole grains help to keep energy stable and also offer a low likelihood of fat storage for calories.

Set weight loss targets.

Set weight loss targets.-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

Most women, including the baby’s weight, placenta, and amniotic fluid, lose some 13 pounds (5.9 kgs) during childbirth. You will lose additional weight in the first week after delivery when you shed retained fluids, but your pregnancy fat doesn’t go away by itself. It may be appropriate to lose up to 1 livre (0.5 kilograms) a week by diet and regular exercise. It may take about six months, if you breastfeed, to one year to return to your pregnancy weight.

You will accept the changes in your body, being gentle with yourself. Pride on your healthy lifestyle first and foremost.

Maintaining healthy diet

Maintaining healthy diet-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

Unlike popular belief, a crash diet is not the best way to lose weight. People who do this get tired and at some point gain weight. Getting enough calories with healthy foods is better for everybody, but particularly for new mothers who need additional energy!

During the day, your postnatal food plan should include 3 to 5 foods. It is difficult for many new moms to sit down and eat so smaller meals interspersed with healthy snacks can help.

Don’t skip food, because it can later cause more cravings. Breakfast, which will help you keep satiated and energized, is of particular importance.
You may make many small changes if you are unsure how to eat after delivery. It is always a good starting point to consume more vegetables and fruits after delivery along with other foods to help you lose weight and improve your breastmilk quality. These are some of the foods to be eaten after birth:
Small fat milk products, Full bread of wheat, Fish, Beef lean, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Rice, brown, Oranges, Eggs, Greens leafy.

Enough sleep

Enough sleep-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

It can be difficult to sleep well with a new baby. However, your weight loss effort can have a negative effect on sleep deprivation. Studies have demonstrated that new mothers who sleep less than 7 hours per night will retain their weight.
It is because your body releases some hormones to keep you going when you are tired. These hormones can slow your metabolism and make you long for food that is unhealthy, loaded with sugar. Try to clothe your baby while you sleep, or ask family and friends if necessary for help.


Workouts-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

After delivery, you can try these exercises for a flat stomach and overall weight loss after your doctor gives you green light:
Tilts Pelvic Pelvic, tilt lateral, Curls off, Forgotten curls, Squats, Lunges, Crunches.

You might recommend a month’s wait for more intense workouts such as cross-purpose, cycling, running, and high-intensity interval exercise if you were active before and during your pregnancy (HIIT). You can also try modified exercises which include holding your child for a big post-pregnancy exercise. You may have heard that Kegels is a great mom-to-be exercise, but they are also important after birth. Some new mothers may be weak on pelvic floors, and Kegels are the easiest way to alleviate this problem. Immediately after birth, you can start making your Kegel, even if you may not feel like doing it at first.

Weight loss by breast-feeding

Weight loss by breast-feeding-7 common mistakes to avoid while losing pregnancy weight-By stylewati

Beast-feeding showed that it helps to lose weight for new mothers. Your body spends approximately 300-500 extra calories every day to produce milk.
As long as you eat a healthy diet, this energy cost helps you build the calorie deficit that you have to lose weight after you are born. You also release hormones while breastfeeding that will help you decrease your baby’s uterus and flatten your belly more quickly.

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