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4 yoga asanas every bride to be should practice daily during their pre wedding arrangements

Before marriage, everyone has a lot of work to do. Which makes the bride very tired. From wedding venue to jewelry & clothes shopping, parlor appointments, dance moves, Mehndi and Haldi the bride gets very tired with this functions.

There is a pain in the body and the brain comes restless. Today in this article let’s talk about some of the ask that every bride should start doing 15 days before the wedding. Which gives relief from pain and comes from the brain and you can enjoy all the functions comfortably without any pain or stress.



This yoga Asana is also known as the triangle pose. This Asana reduces mental stress and promotes concentration. This makes the body stretch and flexible. Very well official for tone up the abdomen, legs, hips to all of your body. Also, release stress back pain and sciatica pain.

How to do it:
• First of all, stand on your mat. Keep a gap of 3 to 4 feet between your feet.
• Move the left leg outwards and keep the right leg straight in front.
• Keep the waste and next straight. Bend your body to the left side, lifting both hands upwards.
• Be sure to exhale from the top and inhale from the bottom. Touch the feet and look upward.
• Keep your nails straight. The foot gap should not be too bigger not be too small.
• Keep the neck straight towards the front. Not too much out of the hip side.
• Now come back and relax position. Start this exercise 15 days before marriage.



This yoga asana relieves back pain. The sitting posture also gets better. Doing this asana every day not only relieves back pain but also relieves shoulder pain, fatigue and strengthens the back muscles. Do this as Asana daily at home. Start this exercise 15 days before marriage.

How to do it:
• Sit on the mat in a cat pose.
• Keep your hands just below your shoulder.
• Straighten the legs backward. Keep the same gap between the knees and feet
• Keep the body in 90-degree alignment. Keep your hands neither to for forward nor too far behind.
• Now slowly move the spine upwards. Exhale while raising the spine. Get apps right inside. Carry the spine as high as you can.
• Now slowly come down and bend the spine downwards. Only Do what you can.
• Do both of these movements every day for Ax time.


MAKARASANA-4 yoga asanas every bride to be should practice daily during their pre wedding arrangements-By stylewati

This yoga asanas is a relaxing pose. It promotes peace of mind and relaxes the mind and also for glowing skin. It keeps our digestive system healthy. Very beneficial for spine pain. There is also relief from the sciatica pain this asana is also called crocodile pose. You can also do this at home very easily. Start doing this asana 15 days before your marriage for better results.

How to do it:
• Lie down on the back.
• Keep your feet toes outstretched and place the heels inside.
• Keep your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder.
• Then keep the head slightly down between the arms by making the arms slightly wider.
• Stained disposition for 5 to 7 minutes.
• If you can’t put their hands on their shoulder you can put your hands on the ground also.
• Keep the body relaxed do not raise the shoulder to hi keeping the relaxed position.
• Do this exercise every day for 5 to 7 minutes.

bhujang asana:

bhujang asana-4 yoga asanas every bride to be should practice daily during their pre wedding arrangements-By stylewati

Nowadays everyone is very busy in their own lifestyle and sitting all day in the office causes back pain and the posture of sitting becomes very disturbing. the back pain starts at a young age. So Bahujangasana is very useful in releasing back pain and many other types of pain. If you feel pain at any time then you can do this asana immediately to relieve the pain in spinal or back pain.

How to do it:
• Lie with face down.
• Slowly in Hale and full upwards and lift the waist upwards. go as high as you can.
• If you can’t lift your waist much then lift only above part of your waist. This is called half Bahujangasana.
• Keep the feet together.
• Stay in this position for 5 to 10 minutes.
• Now come back and relax position. Do this asana every day for 10 minutes.

FAQ: there are some frequently asked questions

Q. Write any two asanas that the bride can do before marriage?

Ans. Marjariasana, trikonasana.

Q. Write any two yoga asana for glowing skin?

Ans. Makarasana Bahujangasana.

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