6 Tips for Glowing Skin in the Hot Summer!

Even though we look forward to the summer for all the vacation and the beach-related goodness in our lives, the heat can be harsh on our skin if we do not properly take care of it. With the increasing levels of pollution, it is even worse to get out of the comfort of your house without proper precaution. At Stylewati, we have come with 6 strong tips for glowing skin in the summer, with that perfect tan and sun-kissed look on your healthy skin. Read on to know more!

Never forget your sunscreen while going out:


The usual norm is to wear in 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays is vital in this harsh heat, and you should always remember to protect your face, neck, hands, feet, or any other exposed part of your body from it. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause harmful sun damage effects like sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging. The smart thing to do will be to invest your money in an herbal, medicated sunscreen with a broad UV spectrum, like SPF 30, at the least, and apply that twice a day on any exposed part of your skin to avoid any kind of damage and keep your skin protected.

Stock up on your anti-oxidants:

Stock up on your anti-oxidants-6 Tips for Glowing Skin in the Hot Summer!-By stylewati

Anti-oxidants do a lot for your skin by blocking the free radicals that can harm or affect it. That is not all, because it also protects your skin against all the damage caused by heat and pollution in the summer by boosting collagen development and reducing the effects on aging. Stock up on moisturizers and serums with Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin E, Polyphenols, and Flavonoids, because according to medical opinion, these antioxidants are the best for your skin.

It is not enough to just topically apply antioxidants to get glowing skin in hot summer, you also have to include them in your daily diet, because healthy eating for healthy skin is a must during this season. Seasonal fruits, citrus fruits, fresh berries, seafood, and vegetables have the required antioxidant which boost collagen production in our body, in turn, making our skin beautiful and healthy in the hot summer.

Change your moisturizer according to the season:


One of the most important yet often overlooked tips to get glowing skin in summer is to change your moisturizer according to the season. Winter months dry out your skin like a madman, and that is why you need a stronger moisturizer that specifically caters to the colder weather. If you think summers don’t dry out your skin, then you are very wrong – because the patterns of drying change according to the climate and weather. You need to switch to a moisturizer with cooling properties that have ingredients like cucumber or Aloe Vera, which hydrate as well as have a soothing effect on your skin. Hydrating your skin is also very important in the summer as it makes your skin itchy and too much heat causes a burning sensation.

Increase your water intake:


Keeping yourself hydrated in the summer months is not only imperative for your body, but it also makes all the difference in your skincare regimen. Drinking a lot of water successfully removes all toxins from your body and keeps your skin smooth, supple, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Always keep a bottle of water with you no matter where you are going and keep sipping the nectar of life for glowing skin in the hot summer.

Do not use too much make-up:


No matter what the occasion might be, the smart thing to do during the summer would be to go minimal on your makeup during the summer months to get glowing skin. This is because your skin needs to breathe when the weather is very humid or hot, and makeup actually clogs your pores and gets absorbed in your skin. The chemicals can have adverse effects and can cause problems like acne, pimples, or rashes if not removed properly, or if the skin reacts to it.

Ditch your foundation for a tinted moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF that protects your skin against the sun. Because you will anyway sweat away heavy eye-makeup, opt for a kajal instead, and replace your lipstick with a tinted lip balm that has SPF in them.

Exfoliation is key:


During the summer months, our skin tries to keep itself healthy, supple and always works to heal any irritation or sunburn, and you can make this process easier by daily exfoliating your skin. By the process of exfoliation, you will be removing the dead cells that accumulate on your skin, leaving it glowing and radiant in the summer months. Ideally, you should use a scrub that matches your skin type, however, sugar scrubs work well on any skin type usually.

Otherwise, you can take a washcloth and use it to rub your skin gently while taking a shower to exfoliate. However, you should remember to never over-exfoliate your skin, which can be harmful.

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