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10 ways to up your style game with flared pants

The debate over flared pants is never-ending. Some like the versatility it holds while some hate the way it’s designed at the bottom. Certainly, this one style still lies in your wardrobe and if you have been looking for some motivation to try out this trend yet again, we at StyleWati are going to be your BFF here. The newly released styling tips are figure-flattering and also this beloved trend will officially clear off the mainstream dilemma.

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Printed shirt

Keeping up with the recent trends can turn out to be really overwhelming at times. As fall drops in, you are bound to choose silhouettes that are cozy enough. Add the right amount of retro look to your style by wearing your flared pants with a printed shirt. You can experiment with your footwear here cuz your feet deserve that finesse too.

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Dare to bare

Heading to date but don’t know what to wear? Don’t let your outfit appear stale especially when it’s your first time. Team your flared jeans with an off-shoulder number. Take the time with your blind date by a storm by wearing block heels with this combination. This makes styling incredibly easy!

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Keyhole top

Well, honestly, flared pants can look really overdramatic at times. So, what do you do so it doesn’t lose its flair? Tone it down a bit more. Our tip? Wear it with a keyhole top. If you are a reckless and experimental bee, we are sure you will never run short of inspiration. Keep your makeup bold and hair loose. You’ve got to deem this one!

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All the fashion girls across the globe seem to be loving this trend way too much. Ruffles have powered themselves through all the seasons. Now, all you have to do is remember them when fashion choices are hard to make. Pair this trend with flared pants. It’s extravagant but makes a heck of a difference.

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Go basic way

A striped top never lets one reckon. On this note, take them out of your closet this time and keep the clutter away. Kickstart your weekend wearing your flared pants with a striped number. Even though it’s basic, it still swears to wow as you strut.

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Pointed toe heels

Stack heels, lace-up and platform have had their moment. Their resurgence has made a mark already so it’s time we welcome a new trend this year in our shoe closet. Try out pointed-toe ballerinas or heels as they are a perfect solution to your woes. The trend definitely guarantees effortless styling.

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Crop it short

To top this off in short, crop styles are the way to go. Grab a high waist flared jeans to team your cropped number with it. Crop tops are known to make a strong case for a girl’s style. Undeniably suave, this trend is sure to stay here for the rest of our lives.

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Add that Indian touch

Who thought this was achievable too? Our moms keep talking to us about the varied taste Indian prints hold. We are glad to announce that even the beloved ethnic outfits club well with flared pants. Just grab a printed jacket to go with your pants. Let the style nab your look!

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Elegant touch

If classics are what you seek majorly, even blazers can change the whole ball game. Trade those fur for these ones in fall and see your wardrobe build a whole new fashion line.

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Plaid instead of plain

Explore this flared style to your fullest and move beyond its basic range. Swap the plain pants for plaid or checked pants. Sign yourself up!

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