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If you are a globetrotting enthusiast, you have landed on the right blog. let’s see My Recent Travel Experience in Morocco. I plan my vacations every six months since I have a strong nomadic nerve. Also, I always plan for solo travel. That’s something that I essentially need. In this blog post, I am going to share my recent travel to Morocco

I always wanted to go there. Morocco is intense, chaotic, colorful, and fragrant. I had heard that tourists either love or hate the place. I ended up loving it. Although the time was challenging when I went, I gorged myself in hiking, drinking mint tea, and absorbing the sights and catchy sounds of Morocco.

I planned my itinerary on the internet. From air tickets to hotels, I booked all of it online. Thanks to my Frontier Internet Service that never lags! Also, I searched all the amazing attractions and tourist spots online.

Morocco is a perfect blend of the lofty Atlas Mountains, golden deserts, and beautiful coasts. If you are entertaining the idea of traveling to this beautiful and rich country, you need to read this post. It will help you plan your trip better, save money, and avoid some of the most common pitfalls.


Activities and Tourist Destinations

I chose to book a guided group tour (including a car) that took us to the most interesting and beautiful attractions. It also included the amazing shops around the quarter. A full-day tour costs about 900 Moroccan Dirhams. There was an option to book a half-day tour for 500 Moroccan Dirhams but I chose the former one. The shops were amazing and I enjoyed the rich culture of the country displayed in their markets. I also managed to get a desert trip organized by a tour company.

It gave me a chance to behold the mesmerizing beauty of the calm and serene desert on camelback. After that, I had to stop at a local hammam (bathhouse) for a thorough soak and spa treatment. I paid 500 Moroccan Dirhams for the luxurious treatment. The prices vary though; you can go for a low-end experience too. But do try it! Morocco is known for its spas and massages.


Food is something that is essentially important to me when it comes to any travel experience. I loved some of the amazing treats that Moroccan cuisines had to offer. And interestingly, the food was extremely cheap. A pot of mint tea (that I was obsessed with) costs around 8 to 10 Moroccan dirhams. I got a chance to visit the food markets and indulge in some amazing local food. The popular dish ‘Tagine’, which I loved, was made up of vegetables and meat costs around 35 dirhams.


Regular stuff like pizza, sandwiches and other dishes range from 30 to 50 Moroccan dirhams. Indulging in restaurant experiences is expensive. I tried fish and lobster in their coastal city called Essaouria and they priced around 150 and 400 Moroccan dirhams each. You can also find luxurious Western restaurants where each dish can cost up to 150 Moroccan dirhams, accompanied by Beer or Wine. But I chose to stick to the local delicacies. Also, the opportunities to drink in Morocco are almost none.


I used the train while I stayed in Morocco and I believe it was the best way to travel. They were comfy, inexpensive, and thoroughly connected. I visited all the major cities via train. I chose to get a first-class ticket, which costs 45 Moroccan dirhams. I just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the scenic view. For shorter distances, I took a bus or a taxi. Grand taxis charged a little more than the others but they were faster and reliable.


A Few Tips

For those who are planning to go to Morocco, consider these tips that I have tried and tested:

  • Negotiate cab fare – Make sure that you negotiate the fare before you get into the taxi. The prices are not fixed and you should always bargain. I saved some good bucks with this hack.
  • Dress appropriately – Although cities like Marrakesh are fairly liberal and touristy, other places are quite traditional. If you are a she, it’s a good idea to cover up a little extra.
  • Avoid drinking – Since it’s a Muslim state, drinking is frowned upon. But you do get plenty of places to find liquor. The only problem is that they are overpriced while not being that good in quality. So it’s better to not spend on drinks.
  • Be cautious of thieves – Yes, I was a victim of one unsuccessful attempt. Petty theft, which mostly involves wallets, cameras, and watches, is common. Keep your valuables safe and be conscious and cautious.

Travel Experience in Morocco

I would highly recommend visiting this culturally rich and beautiful country. Make sure you make the booking beforehand to enjoy discounts and offers on air tickets and hotels. To that end, consider making the booking through your Frontier Phone Service well in advance!

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