Sunglasses trends to own in 2021

Summers are here which means you’ll be busy piling on sunglasses for sure. Yes, we collect many of them and if this sounds like you, we are here to give you the latest sunglasses trends of the season. Based on runway styles and street style stars, you’ll be spoilt for a choice this time. We know how difficult it is to find sunglasses that are latest as well as on-point, but these A-listers will take you in the right direction, especially when the sun rays are heavy!

Ultra-thin sunglasses

Ultra thin sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-By styl;ewati

Just when you thought these sunglasses won’t shrink anymore, they did. These wafer-thin sunglasses are the best choice to make for the spring season. The tinier the frame, the better is the vision. Let’s dive straight into getting at least one pair of this one. Own a beret cap to go with these sunnies. Wear a bell sleeve top and high waist jeans together. Take out your block heels and let your sunglasses take the lead further.

Futuristic sunglasses

Futuristic sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati

Inspired very much by the sporty style, the newest version of them are here to be by you so your style reaches new heights. At first, you might feel they look ugly, but even these shades have hit the market and people have already started adding them to the cart. Get ready to take a plunge into the futuristic time with these sunglasses. Team them with an off-shoulder white top, boyfriend jeans, and a pair of sneakers.

Translucent hue sunglasses

Translucent hue sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati

This spring is also bringing candy-coated sunglasses to our doorstep. If you are a fan of tinted sunglasses, you are going to love these ones even more. The colors that are trending right now are marigold, Fuschia, and lime green. These bright options can instantly elevate any outfit. The best mate to go with these sunglasses would be denim on denim. It’s a trend every fashionista swears by. Now, grab your translucent sunglasses and show some sass.

Angular sunglasses

Angular sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati

Swap out your cat-eye sunglasses for these classic pairs of angular sunglasses now. They have pumped up originality and their sharpness offers a modern twist. Even if you choose to wear them once in a while, these sunglasses indubitably make a statement. Opt for them when you are headed for afternoon lunch. Team these sunglasses with a white shirt dress and a circular bag. This combination is about to look totally sleek, courtesy angular sunglasses!

Clear sunglasses

Clear sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati

See-through details were seen everywhere right from clothing to bags to shoes and certainly, even sunglasses became immune to the trend. Opt for a pair of clear sunglasses. The frame complements every outfit you have. Decide on an occasion and these sunglasses will make your best bet. Choose an oversized pair to go with your embellished top and pants. Add mules here to look ultra-flattering in this power pair.

Embellished sunglasses

Clear sunglasses-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati

If you are extravagant and love to create all the drama around, embellished sunglasses are for you then. They took over the spring/summer runway shows including Dolce and Gabbana and Miu Miu. We even noticed all the fashion girls nailing the trend. As they are embellished either with pearls or 3D florals, make them your own to go with your sleek maxi dresses and high strappy heels.

Flat top visors

flat top visors-Sunglasses trends to own in 2021-by stlewati-

Victoria Beckham is truly the one who has been noticed a couple of times in flat top visors. The frame shape is quite classy and sophisticated. It works season after season and yes, you can bet that all your colleagues or buddies will follow suit once you dive into this trend. Wear them with your monotone outfit and see everyone praise your outfit game.
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