Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans In 2021-22

So you have finally decided to add those high waist jeans in your closet? Now, we are talking, aren’t we? They are the most flattering style that team well with so many pair of shoes and tops. I know they are a bit pricey for their silhouette, but believe me, just one pair of it can do a lot. The key to show off your slim waistline is definitely with these pants. Get ready to look high on style with our all rounder tips below!

1. Cropped sweater

Cropped sweater-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

It doesn’t matter if you have got your belly pierced or not as either way these pants will be all set to pull off a look together. Give those basic slogan tees or floral tops a break for a while and try wearing cropped sweaters. When I say sweaters, I don’t mean heavy jumpers. A simple sleek option will be a perfect summer makeover with your high waist jeans.

2. Silk top

Silk top-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-
Here’s another cue for you to try out!
For party nights or afternoon brunches with your girls, a silk top will always be a way to go. A versatile addition for your soirees, this option can easily blend well with your high waist jeans. Add a cool factor and amp up your outfit even more by opting for snake print heels and a sling bag along. Keep your makeup minimal as the fabric is already OTT for the look.

3. Bodysuits

Body suit-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

There will be times when these high waist pants will trick you and make you look a bit bulky. In real, that’s just a delusional world you are living in. Bodysuits are something you must shop to wear with your jeans. Firstly, there’s no need of a body tucker and secondly, if you feel conscious, you can always layer up. For more off beat sass, add final finesse with studded flats and oversized round sunglasses.

4. Blazer

Blazer suit-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

I firmly believe that high waist jeans have made themselves a staple. In real, I am no more a fan of those tight skinny mid rise pants. That said, adding a blazer in a blue shade can also make these jeans look flattering. In case, you don’t wish to look like a pro, you can simply layer it on your shoulders. Not at all hard to try right? This is an obvious essential you must indulge in when you wear your jeans. Make the attire look worth it in the end with black pumps and minimal jewellery.

5. Boxy top

Boxy top-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati

Wearing shirts tucked in with high waist jeans are a thing of a past now! You need a fresh spin for your look now. This season, I am definitely praising the trend because of the comfort and fit it offers. To that, I would also like to bring to your notice the charm a boxy top carries. Very minimal and sleek, a boxy top welcomes feminine yet edgy vibes. Finish off this beautiful garb with your black slip-ons and a tote bag.

6. Black and black

Black and black-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

Let’s all take a pledge to favour monochrome forever! Yes, they make for the most practical choice of the year and they blend indubitably with high waist jeans. Instead of opting for a blue shade this time, wear your black ripped jeans with your shirt. Add some contrast with your mini handbag to look like you just finished work yet you are all set to party tonight. As far as shoes go, I say you opt for printed heels.

7. Summer tones

Summer tonesStyle Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

Light hues are a perfect summer replacement for your closet. Look like an influencer who has decided to do the fashion right. Inspire self and others by plunging into this luxe hue. We are talking whites before spring/summer concludes its journey in India. Pair an off shoulder top with your high waist ripped jeans. For an extra polish, add your hat and boots!

8. Tie up your shirt

Tie it up-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

Stripe right when you are bored ladies!
Nautical stripes play a major role when spring summer arrives. After several experiments that you tried with your high waist jeans, I am sure you’ll look for something new. Dip your toes in the DIY section then. Choose a striped shirt and instead of buttoning it, tie it up. Now, opt for your high waist jeans and add a basket bag to up your style quotient.

9. Wrap top

Wrap top-Style Formulas Associated With High Waist Jeans-by stylewati-

I wish to conquer all the knacks that include wearing the high waist jeans right. If your aim is as clear as mine, I say shoot to look a bit elegant this time. Make this one to be your go-to trend and serve your attire with a new in instead of the old one. Team a military green coloured wrap top with your jeans and make it look exuberant with your aviators and a grey handbag.

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