How to Pick the Right Earrings to Match Your Outfit

Earrings have become one of the most loved and popular women accessories of all time. Jewellery designers have come up with millions of different earring designs that lure the women of today. These are available in different sizes, patterns, materials and colours.

While almost every woman has a fetish for earrings not many are able to get the desired look despite having a good collection. This is because they fail to match it well with their dresses. If you too are one of those who are struggling to get that picture-perfect look then here are some useful tips for you!

Buy the Pair of Earrings you Love

Buy the Pair of Earrings you Love
It is natural to get perplexed looking at the numerous earrings designs and colours available in the market. Most of us start matching these with different dresses in our wardrobe before we finally purchase them. However, don’t be too hard-pressed on it. Go for the pair you find attractive as it will go with some of the other attire you have. Make a collection of different kinds of colourful and stylish earrings that match your taste. Matching them with your outfits would come next.

Add Style to your Casual Clothing

Add Style to your Casual Clothing
A pair of beautiful earrings can make even a plain, casual attire look modish. A plain suit teamed with a pair of colourful earrings renders a trendy look. Likewise, a pair of hoop earrings teamed with a casual T-shirt and denim jeans can amp your style. This gives a perfect boho-chic look. Add a dash of kohl to your eyes and you are ready to rock.

Add Spunk to Your Office Look

Add Spunk to Your Office Look
Do you find your formal office attire a bit too dull and boring? Add spunk to it before it begins to dull your shine! Teaming a pair of stud earrings with your formal shirt and trousers can do the magic. Small drop earrings also complement formal office attires well.

Keep the Shiny Ones for Special Occasions


The ones in golden, silver and other shimmery colours should be stored for special occasions such as wedding functions and festivals or other events where you need to go all decked up. Wearing shiny and shimmery earrings with your party dresses can enhance your look. A pair of big shiny earrings can augment the look of even a simple dress. You needn’t wear any other accessories if you have chosen a pair of big shiny earrings.

A high bun teamed with big danglers hanging down to your shoulders is a perfect match for a flowing evening gown. On the other hand, intricate Jhumkas look amazing with ethnic dresses such as saris and Anarkali suits. Chandelier earrings go well with both western and Indian party outfits.


The amazing thing about earrings is that they go well with all kinds of attires and can be adorned for any kind of occasion. They look as good with denim jeans and a casual T-shirt as they do with a traditional sari. However, you must have the eye to pick the pair that goes well with your attire. Poorly matched accessories can ruin the entire look just as aptly matched ones can amp up your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

We hope the style tips shared here come in handy the next time you feel indecisive about which pair to wear!

Watch out for this space for more style tips!

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