How to pair long shirts with your outfit?

Long shirts have a charm that they come handy when you are running short on time. Then be it a striped top or a sling long number, their sartorial nature will never make it look like you had only 5 minutes on the clock to dress up. Safely tucked in or out, perhaps, we’ve underestimated its power for a really long time. If you own them, but don’t know how to kickstart and how to blend them in your outfit, here’s all the inspiration you need. From bore to bold, take cues and let your new fashion journey begin!

Knee ripped jeans

Knee ripped jeans-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

You have already stowed most of the denim trend, but if it’s lacking a pair of ripped pants, you are lacking behind too. No, they are not done and dusted yet. Give them a shot to go with your long shirts and let the obsession take a peek in your wardrobe. To make this outfit look more chic, invest in a pair of white sunglasses and lace up sandals.

High Jeans

High jeans-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati-

Skip the usual black and white corporate styled shirts and with all the willingness try out long shirts. They are clean and classy with that extra trip of being a stand out item. Peep toe heels are an absolute distinguished item that just fit in right with your long shirts. Team a long white shirt with your black pants and these high boots. Steer clear of the mundane and try out this shoe trend to brighten up your new style invention.

Wear it like a dress

Wear it like a dress-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

Long shirts that don’t have side slits work like a dress as well. When you all the friday feels set and you are just too bored to get up and dress, just grab this one piece and you will be set to go from boardroom to bar. Choose colours that suit both the times. A denim blue style is an ideal and a fail-proof way to get started with. For more charm, team it up with a long neck piece, sandals and a huge tote bag.

White pants

White pants-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

Plaids and white colour as a combination has always rescued us from any style conundrum. This dashing pair also has the power to inspire envy. Casual yes, but a bit of accessories can upstage your date and movie night settings. Get ready to spark an instagram craze with this OOTD idea. Let’s face it: at times, our ‘what to wear?’ question takes forever and in such cases, this outfit with a pair of sneakers and sunglasses will just do the trick.


Blazer-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

There’s a space we all have for an blazer style. Welcome them on board to team well with your long shirts as well. They exude a classy vibe and they are right there to take your sartorial game to new heights. Break the monotony you’ve been following for a while and own all the style accolades for your recent invention. Perfect your look by pairing it with extra ripped jeans, boots and double bridge sunglasses. Your dressing sense is about to sail towards modernism.

Studded sneakers

Studded sneakers-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

Calling all the fashion risk takers to try out wearing studded sneakers with long shirts. Apt to make your travel style easy and make others fall in awe with you at the airport, this trend has a whole new meaning and a take right now. If being distinct from the rest is what you love, wear a striped shirt with black leggings, side sling and wayfarers. As it will be chilly in the flight, tag a long jacket along.

With an embroidered top

With an embroidered top-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

Fusion apparel styles will always hold a craze. To top it off, I would say your long shirts would look nicer with this item as well. Sort all your styling woes with this idea. Opt for a floral embroidered top and layer it over your white shirt. Sum up this look with grey wash jeans. Master the power pair with this treasure style we’ve just unveiled for you. Opt for a sling and notice the revamp done right.


8-Mules-How to pair long shirts with your outfit-By stylewati

For maximum impact and less fuss, mules are the way to go. They are known as the sleek style maker right now and they will truly come to your rescue, no matter what occasion. Approach a monochromatic look here to go with these mules. A loose white shirt with black ripped pants and a sleek watch will add more mileage and they guarantee you all the attention. Take a peek and get your fave mules straight away!
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