How to keep with all the work ethics?

Whether you like it or you don’t, success is truly driven by the way you appear each day at your workplace. Yes, your industry may differ, but there are certain rules you have to adhere to in order to stand out from other employees. After all, we all want to get promoted right? If you hate those frowns your boss has been giving frequently, here are a few tricks you need to try out. This shall definitely turn down those furious eyes and also your corporate mannerisms will be applauded. A rise in your paycheck is on your way ladies!

Understand your industry

Someone who has a job in fashion or an ad agency, the chances of following the disciplinary actions are a bit less. There’s a safe zone and what you wear is hardly anyone’s concern. But for all the ones, who work in some big shot corporate brand, analyse your industry first of all. Check the way others dress up. Pick up a few things related and shop accordingly. A few places could get you raised eyebrows on printed heels while other places would acknowledge it. So, go ahead and take a few tips before you dive right into your closet for help.

Clothes must fit right

Clothes must fit right-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Yes, I totally get it that summers have set in and those oversized silhouettes are making you crave. To be honest, loose outfits are a big no-no in a workplace (Also, wrinkled outfits), especially if your job demands a strict dress code. It’s a victim that gets in the way of our normative dressing, but rules can’t be avoided if you wish to reach higher scales. Try out a wardrobe workwear capsule that includes one midi skirt and a pair of flared trousers. Choose three types of shirts or tops to go with them that add workwear edge to it. To top off the look, take a blazer and pointed toe shoes.

Pay attention to your hair

Pay attention to your hair-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Hairstyles can also define your overall look. If you haven’t dried them well after your hair washes, you can look very tedious in office. Steer clear of this situation entirely by opting for hairstyles that suit your formal gamut. Very much tried and tested, I suggest you go for mid partitioned buns and leave some of your hair loose. If you’ve short hair, stick to loose curls.

Say no to chipped nail paint

Say no to chipped nail paint-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati
Chipped nail paint comes with added nonchalance for the overall look and that’s something we definitely don’t want. Your schedule might be jam-packed, but 5 mins out of it hurt none. Either take it off completely or apply a new shade altogether. This one is very important so your job is never at stake. Not kidding at all!

Polished shoes are always a yes

Polished shoes are always a yes-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Commute hours will no doubt bring in the dust on your shoes, no matter how many times you clean them. No one wants to see shoes that were a part of a sand pit. Once you’ve arrived at your workplace, let the tissues take care of this problem before your boss sees it and complains. You can also keep another option ready at your workplace if your weekday agenda is packed.

Avoid flashy colours

Avoid flashy colours-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Flashy colours can bring in I-don’t-care sort of vibes and I am sure that’s not what you are willing to portray. Keep flashy colours at an arm’s length I would say. As they are too bright to handle, they will never make others take you or your work seriously. Also, you don’t want to give your colleagues an opportunity to gossip during lunch hours.

Minimal accessories

Minimal accessories-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Weekend wardrobe or party outfits indulge with art deco, chunky jewellery. Minimal accessories are truly a job done right and summarised. Give your corporate outfit some liberty with heavy dressing and see minimal accessories blend right in. Sport them with your t-shirts or ruffled shirts. You can try out wearing small studs, layered necklace, stack bracelet with your watch or a single ring.

Right makeup

Right makeup-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Imagine the sort of massacre that might take place if you make others startle at your workplace with those heavy eyes or loud lip shade. I am not saying you keep them at a distance, but I am conveying that your makeup needs to be minimal and not let others call you a clown. Learn to distinguish between your day and night time makeup. Minimal is the way to go for workplaces.

Choose right innerwear

Choose right innerwear-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Unfitted bras are the first thing that should hit your mind even without me mentioning it. Opt for right padded bras, but make sure in that case your shirt isn’t too tight making others believe you have a heavier bust line. A right pair of lingerie means you understand that sexiness needs to stay home and your corporate dressing is demanding neutral coloured options and not lacy, sexy lingerie.

Bad body odour

Bad body odour-How to keep with all the work ethics-by stylewati

Didn’t you already feel disgusted the moment you read it? Imagine the way your colleagues might be thinking when you decided to enter the workplace without a bath. Honestly, the beauty world is filled with the plethora of body mist, perfumes and roll-ons that will put others and you at peace. They are inexpensive and just need to be tagged along with your handbags.
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