How to do winter makeup for the festive season 2021/22

Winter means the season of parties, weddings, and celebrations has descended upon us. And no celebration is complete without us decking up in the most stylish and fancy clothes, with obviously, winter festive makeup on point. However, with changing trends each season, it becomes difficult to keep track of which style to go with when it comes to winter makeup for the festive season.

To make matters easier for you, has brought to you a concise compilation of all the makeup trends in vogue this winter season! Read on to know more.

Bright Eyes, Bright Cheeks

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From the runway to the magazines, bright eyes complimented with equally popping cheeks are the hot winter makeup trend for the festive season. Colors like pink, coral, and orange are featured wildly on the eyes and are mostly coupled by the pop of hues like yellow and powder blue on the outer corner to give an extra edge.

However, if you are not feeling too experimental, you can choose to go safe with the warm tones for your winter festive makeup. On the cheeks, peach and coral are hot favorites at this moment – from the runway of designers like Prabal Gurung, you’ll see it getting featured on any festive look on Instagram bloggers worth their follower numbers. To add an extra dimension to the winter-blushed to look, these warm tones will enhance your winter glow on any occasion.

Barely-there Contouring

For those who thought that the whole Kim Kardashian routine of contouring, baking, and brightening was too long and drab for them to follow – rejoice! The look for this festive season when it comes to winter makeup is barely-there contouring. Simply line out your features with a strong bronzer and highlight your nose, apples of your cheeks, and your cupid’s bow with a highlighter or brightening powder and you’re set. No need to follow some complicated tutorial on how to properly contour for maximum sculpting for your face shape, just follow your instincts.

Black Eye-liner and Kohl

Black Eye-liner and Kohl-How to do winter makeup for the festive season-by stylewati

Featuring huge on any winter festive makeup look for 2021/2022 is the jet-black eyeliner and kohl-underlined dramatic eyes. The dark, defined eyes provide an extra dimension to your whole look for the festive season. Flick over your upper-eyelid gently to create a flawless cat-eye that looks effortless, and couple it by precisely underlining your under-eye for a complete look.

If you cannot do a cat-eye, then leave the upper eye line at its edge, and join it with the lower eye line to create a structured and defined festive eye makeup.

Big Lashes and we cannot lie

Big Lashes and we cannot lie-How to do winter makeup for the festive season-by stylewati

Another big makeup trend this festive season is the comeback of big, fluttery lashes that can make any beauty dreams come true. If you want your lashes to look bigger, you can always invest in a good pair of fake lashes, individual lashes that you can put on your eyelids by using a false lash applicator or tweezers, if your hands are pretty precise.

After applying the fake lashes, make sure they are properly adhered to with the help of eyelash glue and let it dry for some time. After making sure that it has dried, take an eyelash curler and warm it up by blowing hot air on it, preferably using a blow dryer from a distance. Then, curl up your lashes by clumping both of the natural and fake together, and finish it off with voluminous mascara. Let it dry, and then curl your lashes again for a uniform makeup look this festive season.

We hope that you found our winter special makeup guide useful. For more fashion and makeup-related tips to save you this festive season, keep following

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