7 street shopping places located in Mumbai

Let’s go-to street shopping places located in Mumbai, a place where people come to make their dreams true! As far as fashion goes, Mumbai can be challenging, but what if I told you, there are certain street shopping places here that are more exciting than those pricey malls? Yes, these places guarantee that you don’t take out your whole account balance and find pieces that are affordable and trendy.

Linking road

Linking road-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

Linking road, situated in Bandra is a hub for fashion items. From clothes to recent jewelry trends, you can be assured that you’ll go home with pieces that are highly satisfactory. Everything right here is available at the throwaway price. Just own one skill of bargaining with you so you’ve all the things you eyed on. Also, if you love to fill up your shoe-drobe with different types, find it all at Linking road.

More to know:

Location: Near national college, Bandra.
Travel by: Local train or metro
Things to know: Jewellery pieces at a steal price, buy basic tops and bags for work and others.

Hill road

Hill road-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

Here’s another shopper’s delight that fulfills all your demands and needs. Located in Bandra, just 5 mins away from Linking road, Hill road is known for its footwear zone. This place is very much bustling with street shops that have the best stuff. If you are running short of loungewear, you’ll find peace in this area as they have an array of styles even for pyjama parties. Dear men, if you need shirts in the budget, this place has an ample amount of shops you can get em from, all under Rs. 1000.

More to know:

Location: Right opposite to Marks and Spencers shop, Bandra, Mumbai.
Travel by: Local train or take a bus from Dadar.
Things to buy: Shoes, jewellery, scarves etc.

Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

A city filled with vintage buildings and houses is also very known for this street known as Colaba Causeway. Situated in the heart of Mumbai city, this place has a plethora of options right from clothing to antiques. The area also has amazing food joints and the oldest Regal cinema to catch up on movies with your friends. Behind lies Gateway of India with Taj hotel on the opposite side.

More to know:

Location: South Mumbai, Near Regal Cinema.
Travel By: Take a taxi from Churchgate or CST station.
Things to buy: cheap sunglasses, scarves, night shorts, party dresses, hair accessories etc.

Fashion street

Fashion street-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

With more than 150 shops in one lane, Fashion-street has had our hearts ever since it was opened. The first shopping place that comes to every Mumbaikar’s list has to be this one. Promising everlasting products, this place always has people around due to its high-quality clothing items. This vibrant flea market is open till late and you can bargain till the time you own the thing you love.

More to know:

Location: Walking distance from Churchgate or Cst station
Things to buy: high waist jeans, kurtas, men’s t-shirt, pants etc.

Hindmata market

Hindmata market-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

Love traditional silhouettes? Head to Hindmata right away then. If you’ve your friends wedding approaching or festival is around the corner, Hindmata offers a vivid variety of lehengas, sarees, etc. This place is known for its dirt-cheap price and you can bargain at your best here. There’s a plus point if you buy it all in bulk!

More to know:

Location: Near Dadar Station, Mumbai.
Travel by: Local train to reach Dadar at the earliest.
Things to buy: Designer lehengas, ethnic fabrics, updated kurtas, etc.

Lokhandwala Market

Lokhandwala Market-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

Located near the Lokhandwala complex, this place is very narrow but has a wide variety of products to choose from. If you are on a hunt for good products with good deals, you’ve then found your happiness paradise that hardly takes time and offers the best from the lot. From fashion clothing to first copy wristwatches, this place almost has it all. As far as bargaining goes, this place is a bit pricey but good for one-time shopping needs.

More to know:

Location: In Andheri, Near Lokhandwala Complex.
Travel by: Take a bus from Dadar Station
Things to buy: Shirts for work, lousy t-shirts, accessories, fashion jewellery etc.

Crawford Market

Crawford Market-7 street shopping places located in Mumbai-by stylewati

There are very few places that offer food items at a lower cost. Welcome to Crawford market that serves you with unexpected items at unbeatable prices. Not just that, this market has lanes of household items, stationery, and other related things. In fact, they also have a beauty market that includes discounts all year long. If you haven’t been here, you must ‘cuz your house needs refreshment and so does your style!

More to know:

Location: Near Cst station at a walkable distance.
Things to buy: Household things like crockery and curtains, fashion items include tops and tunics. For beauty products, visit beauty palace as they’ve original items and not fake ones.

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