7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose

Think about weight loss, and we cannot stop thinking about all the possible options. While all of us love to stay lean and healthy, it is also important to note that there are a few routines you can follow to achieve the same. The most important of them all is your morning routine. How you start your day shows an impact on your energy levels for the rest of the day. If you are aiming at weight loss, it is time you start it right when the sun shines brightly.

Mornings are always filled with potential and to get fit you need to start your day the right way by following some morning routines. Let us see what they are.

Go out and get some sun

Go out and get some sun-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

Can bathing in the sun’s rays help you lose some extra pounds? We say, yes! As per a recent study, people who spent their time outside in the morning had lower BMIs when compared to the others. Morning sunlight regulates the internal body clock and this, in turn, works wonders when it comes to your sleep cycle. The morning sun rays also have needed levels of blue light which shows a strong effect on the circadian rhythm. Just make sure to get some sunlight before 8 AM every day.

Have some warm water

Have some warm water-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

We often hear about the benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach every morning. Having warm water will help clean your digestive system and also improves the body metabolism. This routine is suggested in Ayurveda and is a part of Japanese culture too. As per, you can have at least two cups of warm water as it helps to preserve the energy for the rest of the day. You also need to be careful that the water is not too hot and you can as well add some citrus flavour if you wish to.

Fill up your water bottle

Fill up your water bottle-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

You not only need to drink in warm water as you wake up, but you also need to stay hydrated for the rest of the day. Make sure to fill up your bottle and have at least 8 glasses of water every day. It not only aids in digestion but also helps with weight loss. A dehydrated body is tough and it gets hard to get rid of stubborn fat. If you are having enough water, you tend to feel full and you will start avoiding tea or coffee or other high-calorie beverages. Make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of water before you go out. Also, do not drink lots of cold water, especially during lunch or dinner. Cold water solidifies the oil you take and this can easily get transformed into stubborn fat.

It is time for breakfast

It is time for breakfast-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

Breakfast is, without doubt, the most important meal of the day. So, make sure you do not miss it as it might help you to only add on a few extra kilos. You need to have your breakfast on time every day and include foods that are rich in proteins and have good fibre content. Well, protein takes a lot of time to get digested and helps in the release of the hormone called Peptide YY which will keep you feeling full.

You can include eggs in your breakfast as they are rich in protein and they also boost your body’s metabolism. The protein in the eggs also helps burn those extra calories throughout the day. You can include fruits as they are rich in fibre content and makes you full. Make sure you stay away from any sugar foods as they spike up the insulin levels and can also trigger back the food cravings.

Sweat it out

Sweat it out-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

If you have a habit of working out, make sure you do it at the right time. Workouts in the morning are the best if you are aiming at weight loss. Exercise needs to be a part of your everyday routine so that you always stay healthy and in shape. You are away from any distractions when you work out in the morning. So, make sure to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day. You can start with some stretches and follow with some bodyweight exercises. You can as well go in for a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, and this too works wonders for those who cannot hit the gym due to any reason. Make sure the exercises you do target the areas where the stubborn fat is located.

Pack your snacks

Pack your snacks-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

Before you step out of your house to reach the office, make sure you pack a healthy snack to carry along with you. By doing so, you can use for sure skip the trip to the vending machine. Just spend a few minutes every day and pack some snacks for the rest of the day you will be spending in office. This way you will only be eating healthy foods that are rich in protein and fibre and skip those unhealthy and fat containing foods.

Try to change your commute

Try to change your commute-7 Morning Rituals to Promote Weight Lose-by stylewati

If you are thinking if you can lose some extra kilos by changing your commute, just go for it. While you can drive to your workplace as it is easy and you can reach on time, it is really not good for your waistline. People who prefer other means of commute like a bike or public transport have lower BMIs and do not suffer from overweight. You can take a train and walk to the nearest station. If you really cannot change the commute for a reason, you can at least ditch the elevator and choose the stairs instead. Also, you can even walk to the workplace if it is nearby.

Just follow the routine mentioned above, every morning to lose weight. Also, remember that your weight loss needs to be consistent and make sure you follow the routine without a break. Remember that a good morning routine is what you need to kick-start your weight loss journey

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