6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally

In this post we have mentioned few Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally. Wrinkles are the initial signs of ageing that start appearing on the skin. Apart from ageing, there are innumerable other factors which contribute to the development of wrinkles. Some of the prominent factors which contribute to wrinkles include damage from sun, pollution, dehydration, sleeping on the side with cheek on the pillow, smoking, poor lifestyle, etc. It is true that we cannot stop the ageing process, but we can definitely work on the other factors and keep the problem of wrinkles at bay.

There are two layers of the skin – the outer layer, which is known as the epidermis and the layer below that known as the dermis. When the dermis is affected, it leads to wrinkles. Collagen and other kinds of proteins constitute the dermis. With ageing, lesser amounts of collagen are produced by the body and hence the elasticity and smoothness of the skin are lost over a period of time. The skin becomes loose and sagging.

Make sure that you get good sleep

Make sure that you get good sleep-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

This is quite a common saying that good sleep is very important for healthy and bright skin. The appearance of the skin depends a lot on the quality of sleep one has. In a study report, it was seen that women who slept well and deeply fared well in an anti-ageing score. This included measurements of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging, reduced skin elasticity, etc. Women who had an older appearance came with a high anti-ageing score. Inadequate sleep is directly related to bad skin health and accelerates the ageing process of skin as well. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night is highly recommended for overall health!

Staying hydrated is mandatory

Staying hydrated is mandatory-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

You might have heard your mother and grandmother say that the skin glows and looks bright only when you feel good from within. This is absolutely true. Good skin has its roots from within and for that staying hydrated is very important. There are various items which can keep the body and the skin hydrated. Along with water, try taking liquids like green tea and coconut water. Green tea is very useful as it is packed with antioxidants. The antioxidants help in combating the harmful effects of free radicals in the body and protects from cell damage. Water helps in moisturizing from within and handles complete detoxification of toxins.

Try relieving stress from your daily life

Try relieving stress from your daily life-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

Stress is a killer from all aspects. You might have no idea how badly stress has its impact on the skin. It was seen in the study and survey reports that people who suffered from high-stress levels had scaly and itchy skin along with lots of rashes. Various kinds of inflammatory skin conditions flared up with stress. Do not let stress take a toll on your life or your skin. Try various ways of beating stress, including daily walking, reading, gardening, meditation, yoga, art therapy, etc. Do anything that makes you happy and relaxed.

Following proper sleeping position

Following proper sleeping position-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

>This is one way in which wrinkles can be reduced naturally in many people. There is evidence where it has been seen that sleeping with the face down in the pillow, or with face sideways on the pillow can cause wrinkles. People who slept in the same position year after year have the tendency of developing wrinkles. Since these wrinkles are caused by sleeping position, they are also termed as ‘sleep lines’. It is believed that the pillow seems to be tugging at the skin, leading to reduced elasticity and sagging. Sleeping on the back is the best thing to do to avoid wrinkle formation.

Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

There are many benefits of including omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help in retaining moisture in the skin. This maintains skin suppleness and elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The skin also feels smooth and calm. Some foods which are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids include flax seeds, fatty fish, walnuts, Chia seeds, olive oil, etc. Along with fighting the problem of wrinkles, omega-3 fatty acids also help in dealing with problems like dry and scaly skin.

Get abundant vitamin C

Get abundant vitamin C-6 Things You Can Do to Get Rid Wrinkles Naturally-by stylewati

You will be surprised to see that including vitamin C in your diet will help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles significantly. Survey reports have shown that women who took abundant vitamin C had lesser problems with wrinkles and other ageing signs. Citrus fruits are some of the best ways of increasing vitamin C in the body. Along with these fruits, try including items like dark green leafy vegetables, peppers, guavas, broccoli, berries, kiwi etc. in the diet. These items also count high in antioxidants, which also help in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. few fruits to eat to have a glowing skin texture

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