11 style tricks and tips to look taller

I know what it feels to be short than rest of your friends but hey, there’s nothing to be disappointed. Here comes fashion to your rescue. How do you ask? Well to put it straight, there are certain fashion tips and tricks that an add illusion for a taller posture. Now, you all need is confidence and the right attitude to make others startle at your height. tricks and tips to look taller Try it out!

Try wearing flared jeans

Try wearing flared jeans-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

Fitted jeans with some flare beneath can offer an illusion of longer legs mostly when it hits right above your shoe height. Let the waistline hit the natural waistline and not go lower. To make this outfit work like a charmer, opt for a waist length top or a ruffled number as this makes the illusion even after. Fake level? Too high.

Say yes to maxi skirts

Say yes to maxi skirts-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

I know it’s a common thing that shorter women say no to maxi skirts because they can swipe the floor better than your broom. Honestly, this is just a myth that I will break for you. It can actually offer a taller height illusion. Make it work right for you by pairing vertical silhouette in solid colours. Wear a top that’s fitted or tucked in. Try layering over it. For more benefit, add a pair of stilettos or wedges.

Heels with a low cut vamp

Heels with a low cut vamp-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

A shoe that cuts your feet in the front is known as a vamp and when you wear such heels with your outfit, it can instantly elongate your legs and also make you look slimmer. A low vamp cut shoe must match with your skin tone to give a better illusion. Add more mileage with a mini skirt and a basic logomania tee to go with it.

Top knot-ch

Top knot-ch-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

One hairstyle that can instantly more height to your original height has to be a high bun. It gives an impression of a taller height by adding a vertical line. Now, it’s high time you swap your usual braids for ponytails with this idea. To look more ravishing, you can opt for dark red lip shade as well.

Monotones go a long way

Monotones go a long way-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

Using one colour is a strategy you can try out to give an illusion of a taller height. The vertical lines it creates from head to toe can look very sophisticated and elegant. Opt for saturated hues as they work well when you are choosing this style prowess. You can also opt for a jumpsuit and team it up with a pair of high heels.

High waist bottoms for a fun vibe

High waist bottoms for a fun vibe-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

Summers have roared their way, but you can still look bad if you wear certain trends correctly. High waist bottoms have the charm to elongate your lower body as they fall at the waistline. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high waist skirt or jeans, just make you’re sure you tuck your top in and add your pumps for some final finesse.

Wear nude shoes

Wear nude shoes-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

You might favour them but tbh, wearing them includes a reason. They are so popular amongst the masses due to their leg-lengthening power. If you style them right, you can look remarkably exuberant and really tall with this styling cue. Give this one a shot and see your desire get fulfilled with it.

Rock wearing vertical stripes

Rock wearing vertical stripes-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

This trick has been known since forever now that vertical stripes let you have long lines. They become the biggest trend as soon as spring summer sets its foot in. Now, that the time has arrived you might as well get a few vertical striped pieces for yourself. Afterall, we wish to long taller and that’s our only motto right now.

Ditch those big bags

Ditch those big bags-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

Let your bags be smaller as gigantic, huge bags can’t attract attention to their suaveness. They can scale down your whole agenda to have a longer torso. Keep in mind that mini bags work better than the bigger ones. Opt for a mini backpack or a clutch to go as they have your covered and are you best bet veritably.

Cut your hair short

Cut your hair short-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

If you’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time now, go for it is what I would say. Shorter hair with some wavy texture shows off your shoulder and neckline as well which means you can look chic and taller. Bonus point: it explicitly shows off your jawline as well. Grab a long printed dress with platform sneakers to complete the whole look.

Skinny belts

Skinny belts-11 style tricks and tips to look taller-by stylewati

Girls with shorter height should steer clear of those heavy embellished or broad belts as they have a tendency to cut your height even shorter. Slim, sleek belt versions can look flattering and when you wear them with your dresses, it uses an artifice to add more height to your overall look.

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