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10 ways to wear retro polka dots

2021 has hit and with that, we’re sure that this year will be about the resurgence of certain trends. Let your outfits get sprinkled with polka dots once again. We’re quite positive that this print will infuse inventive ways to let you style your outfit. If you are unsure how to wear them right, our guide below can put all your worries to rest.

High waist pants

High waist pants-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati
Polka dots have been sashaying down the runways. Incorporating them may seem like a tricky business, but honestly, they are enough to amp up your whole look. Wear your polka dot knotted shirt with high waist pants and a circle bag. Keep the overall vibe of the outfit quite modern and sophisticated

High waist shorts

High waist shorts-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Polka dots are a must to own and like a cherry on top of any outfit. The classic print welcome new styles that will take you from desk to dinner dates. Thankfully, the come back of this one will not put us in the rut or a dilemma of how to wear them. Team yours with a pair of high waist shorts and tie up your hair for summery vibes.

With a choker

With a choker-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Sure, we don’t want your style to look overall TBT but elements will steer clear off the normcore. Merge 70s with 90s time. Pair a lace choker with your polka dots top. Choose raw hem jeans here instead of skinny pants. Make some impact with this outfit, ladies!

Retro sunglasses

Retro sunglasses-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Wayfarers were not a thing back then but retro sunglasses added enough suaveness to any given outfit. Polkas make good friends with this style and you can team yours with fuss-free attitude. For an effortless fluidity, add ruffles and wear your jeans with pointed toe heels. Grab a contrast coloured bag to go with it.

Denim jacket

Denim jacket-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Polka dots stand out when layered right. Stock up your racks and upgrade your style with a denim jacket. What’s more? The outfit instantly preps you for movie dates and weekend getaways. Wear yours with ripped jeans and add on your sneakers to go with it.

Red culottes

Red culottes-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Bold colours will pave the way for 2018. With print mania, you will see how these colours offer you plenty of inspiration to slay your style. All this to say, polka dots can look quite stellar when teamed with a contrast and a bright coloured pants. Liven up your outfit by making this one an ideal match for your next brunch outing.

Pastel shrug

Pastel shrug-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

The lighter hues add that instant cool essence to an outfit. Now that spring summer is reaching at a faster rate, let’s try out this trend before it’s too late. Team a long cardigan in the mint colour and wear your polka dots shirt with it. Grab your black pants with it. To add some drama, wear a fedora hat and eyeglasses.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Have faith readers when we say that kitten heels still make a statement. We know it means you will look shorter comparatively but this trend is highly recommended for 2018. Choose white coloured kitten heels as they exemplify a look. Throw flared jeans with a mini duffle bag to complement your polka number.

Funky hairstyle

Funky hairstyle-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Just wearing polka dots is not going to make you look like that 70s diva. If retro is what you are seeking exactly, it’s time you experiment with your hairstyle as well. How do you ask? You can opt puffy hairstyle and choose bangs with it. This one would make a perfect TBT insta post.

Midi skirt

Midi skirt-10 ways to wear retro polka dots-by stylewati

Take a page from any given history of the fashion world and you would see how midi skirts have been known for their formal formula. That said, here’s a way out to wear your polka dots with them. To make your outfit appear a bit casual and not tad boring, wear a light hue midi with your polka number. Add a choker to it with lace up heels.

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