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10 ways to style a jumpsuit

One-piece wonders are something every woman knows about. That said, we can’t deny the charm of jumpsuits that have got a major update in the year 2021. From ruffles to frills to cold shoulder, literally, all the micro-trends fell under one roof. We are glad to have got them back on the radar with a much-needed change. If you are still trying to pull off this trend, StyleWati exactly knows the style tips you need.

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Accessorise it right

Accessorise it right-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

The fashion department revolutionised quite a lot this year. In the world of bags, which are known to be women’s BFF, circle bags replaced the box ones. Grab a striped jumpsuit with back details and amp it up with a circle bag. This casual combination will take you from brunch to karaoke nights.


Layering-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

Fall is upon us, but sometimes even the weather has its own mood. Be laid back the time when you style a jumpsuit in this season. Pick a solid coloured jumpsuit and team it up with a lightweight blazer. Try to stick to a casual number rather than a formal, collared jacket. If blazers are not the ones that define your style, simply opt for a denim jacket. Thank us later!

Maintain the tones

Maintain the tones-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

Trying a trend like that of jumpsuits means that we have to be particular about the colours we choose. If you have been wearing monotones lately, there is hardly anything to worry about. Choose pastel or darker hues as they both are attention grabbers. Don minimal accessories and unveil the sartorial powers your style is known to have.

Scarf it up

Scarf it up-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

The season right now is majorly calling for shawls than scarves. That totally depends on the city you reside in. If the weather is mostly humid, choose lightweight scarves. If the temps drop down often, go for knitted shawls. With versatile and vivid styles, your wardrobe will never be devoid of the latest trends.

Broad belts

Broad belts-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

When it comes to maxis and jumpsuits, the thoughts are always daunting. Let’s steer away from the tad boring ways to wear them. The latest, you ask? Break the mono-tone down with a metallic, broad belt and end all the style rivalries.

Printed jumpsuit? Say yes.

Printed jumpsuit Say yes.-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

Certain prints have earned their spot this season. Honestly, jumpsuits are becoming everyone’s staple more than those midi skirts and basic shirts. The underscored prints can instantly grant you uber-cool style. Team a printed jumpsuit with lace-up heels. To make this outfit scream flamboyance, add a bright coloured clutch to match with it.


Off-the-shoulder-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

Dare to show some skin you have been hiding lately. Sometimes it’s better to get out of the comfort cocoon and experience fashion like never before. Choose a darker hue or a bright coloured jumpsuit and channel some classy vibes as you meet the needs of margarita nights.

Cape style

Cape style-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

Bid adieu to old ways of attending those boardroom meetings or cocktail hours. The formal, cape oriented jumpsuit can easily let you dip your toes in the semi-formal arena. The cape trend made a debut in 2016 and we are still counting on this one to be the best bet to suit the style tastes.


Hairstyle-10 ways to style a jumpsuit-by stylewati

It’s the least aspect we pay attention to but shouldn’t. The moment you choose a jumpsuit to wear, think of how you wish to define your hairstyle. Make sure it teams well with your one-piece.

On-point jewellery

On-point jewellery-10 ways to style a jumpsuit - by stylewati

Minimal or heavy? Light or dark? Literally, everything combines with a basic jumpsuit. Grab your fave and tag it along!

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