10 types of suitable pants for commute hours

Who doesn’t like to be laid back while commuting? There are certain pants that have a relaxed silhouette while some make it harder to even breathe. I totally get it that your morning routine needs suitable pants that sum it all up in 5 minutes. So, here’s a dose of daily fashion you need ‘cuz we don’t you to end up wearing those bland jeans every now and then. These pants are so comfy that your commute hours will thank you for introducing them to your closet!

Panelled pants

Panelled pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Those hours when the commute includes no misery is what we consider as happy hours for ourselves. How about giving those usual black or blue trousers a break for a while? Instead of dive straight into panelled pants sass that offers a modern spin especially when Monday blues hit you hard in the face. They are so in and cool right now that you must have at least one option in your closet. Opt for a high waist option and team it well with a basic black top and heels to go.

Buttoned pants

Buttoned pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Being high waist in nature, buttoned pants have all the potential to cinch the curve lines well. After a point of time, it’s a mandatory thing to break from the denim rut. Let’s stick to this mantra right away and say yes to these unique pants that will no way intervene in your leisure time while you travel. Then be it your 9 to 5 time or cocktail nights, these pants will stand the test of time for you.

Flared pants

Flared pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

They’ve forever been a part of the wardrobe, but did someone ever tell you about their comfort level? Challenge them and notice how they blend well with any given outfit. If you wish to steer clear of the blacks and blues, say yes to other hues like green or mustard. Team your bell sleeved top and don’t forget your crossbody bag to tag along!

Mom jeans

Mom jeans-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Prepare to notice others give you those envy visions as you bring home these mom jeans. They are a versatile addition to your usual scenes along with a foolproof and an undeniable combination you’ve been craving for. These pants are worthy of all the attention ‘cuz even if you have to wait in the metro line for long, these pants are just sweated free. Add a kimono and sum up this look with high heels.

Slit pants

Slit pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Slit pants seem like they are not favourable, but consider them is what I would say. These pants are so breezy that they will put you in a good mood to travel. Fortunately, they are a definite solution you were looking for. They look polished and so not overdone. Appropriate for any weather, consider the right length and give a right tick to try them out.


Culottes-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Looking for comfy yet chic? Yes, please. Culottes are winning every place possible this season and since they are the focus right now, why not get these breezy pants stat. From classic heels to platform sneakers, all sorts of shoes gel well with this silhouette. And also, your shirts or turtleneck items will find a new mate to look sleek besides those straight cut jeans. Own them now!

Gaucho pants

Culottes-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

For a look that’s forever fashion-forward, try out gaucho pants. These pants are the closest sibling culottes could have and this fave is being snapped almost everywhere. Let your look appear balanced and sleek as you pair these pants with your basic tee and exuberant heels. I swear they stand out than the rest from your gal pals outfits!

Printed pants

Printed pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

It’s true even if you like it or you don’t, but printed pants are getting all the attention and are being ranked the highest on the fashion radar. Styling a jacket on top and letting the oversized tops look extravagant is what these pants are mastering. Rock the duo like a fashionista by saying yes to these pants. You have a long journey or a shorter one, this one swears to keep it easy going until you arrive at your final destination.

Embroidered pants

Embroidered pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

Statement pieces or your latest accessories do need more than just a basic to look pumped up. Since we are talking about relaxed trousers, have you ever heard of embroidered pants? Here’s us clearing all the confusion. When you wish to experiment with your style, revise them right with these pants that include no second thoughts. Opt for the ones in lycra fabric and wear them when this hot weather really starts to bite.

Jogger style pants

Jogger style pants-10 types of suitable pants for commute hours-by stylewati

On the scale of 1 to 10, I truly believe that jogger style pants let you play dress up whenever you demand or wish. Aim for the right kind of top style so your outfit boasts some uniqueness. Step into this street style maker silhouette to inject some athleisure yet comfy mood to your overall attire. I swear these pants are so eye-catching that even your boss will not frown on it.

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