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10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code

Swiping right and ending up to a date is the newly discovered way to find your mate. The digital world has gone far and has not left even the romance world at peace. For people. who are introvert, we reckon this is the best option. Ending the unnecessary blabber, ladies, it’s time you keep up with the trending styles for your upcoming one or thousands of other dates. Are you ready?

Ruffled top

Ruffled top-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

Dinner or drink plans, an outfit like this will always work out for you. Since we have already committed to assist you in finding those smart suited pieces, show off your statement with a ruffled top teamed with black pants. It feels like you have zero things in your wardrobe but the fashion department hitched with the latest to offer you all the possible sensibilities.

Distressed jeans

Distressed jeans-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

There are a couple of ways to introduce this trend again and again. While we wish you don’t over splurge for your date, we suggest you opt for a sweatshirt in a pop colour. Sport leopard print mules with it and make this one a classic combo for the margarita time you are about to have.

The casual touch

The casual touch-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

For someone who is not extra and likes to keep it minimal, try out the OOTD idea we are about to mention. Team your basic cami with a long shirt and raw hem jeans. Navigate the sartorial rotations for the upcoming date schedule by wearing styles that include a white loose shirt, denim flats, minimal jewellery etc. You would never run short of inspiration now on.

Silk shirt

Silk shirt-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

The day of meeting your new date has arrived but you are second guessing your style. Feel comfortable and confident as the same time. Whether you choose a skirt, dress or a jeans, a silk shirt is your covetable option to begin with. Keep your makeup tone minimal. Your attire won’t be a disaster for sure even if your date night turns to be one.

Denim skirt

Denim skirt-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

When your style is damn bored from utilising the jeans over and over again, say hello to denim skirts. They can instantly breathe a new life to your style. Ace the look with a striped top. If the date happens during the day, settle for wedges and a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

Floral print skirt

Floral print skirt-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

Certainly some women have a bonafide in pastel shades and hues. We worked on this segment as well and hereby grant you one for your style statement too. Sport a tank top with your floral number and a clutch with it. Tuck in your top and surround your style with classy vibes, ONLY!

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

Most of the people, consider fishnet stockings synonym to sexiness. It’s partially true but we noticed so many fashion girls nailing this trend into their casual combos as well. Since it’s your first date, we recommend you wear them beneath your distressed jeans with a basic top and a choker. Alleviate the worries, finally!

Crop the top

Crop the top-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

We won’t be surprised if crop tops become a classic in a few years. Guaranteed to make you feel confident, we gathered an OOTD that’s not hard to pull off. Rely on a abstract printed crop top and team it with a boyfriend jeans that doesn’t flare a lot. At the end, you need your slingback heels.

The out loud shade

The out loud shade-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

Don’t fret over the fact that a bright colour will itch his eyes. Men, generally appreciate when there is experimentation involved. That said, we are suggesting you try a loud coloured dress to go with your date. Tone it down a lil with a broad belt. Add a final finesse with heels and a sling bag with it.

Bejeweled earrings

Bejeweled earrings-10 OOTD ideas to nail the date code-by stylewati

Being extravagant is something you should call dibs on at times. The tassel trend is currently having a moment and so you need to infuse this trend into your attire. This new bauble box, MVP, can instantly hijack your style and without a doubt, he will compliment you for not choosing the normcore.
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