7 Things to Know Before Traveling | Pre-Travel Checklist

When you are going to a place where you have never visited before, you will need to make a Pre-Travel Checklist and a lot of travel arrangements. Here are things that you will need to know before travelling.


You will need to have a guidebook on the area that you are travelling to. This will provide you with details such as public transit, weather, local entertainment listing and many more. Also, use the guidebook to research the hidden gems of the destination.

Consult with your doctor

You will need to double-check with your doctor to ensure that you have all the necessary vaccinations and that all your key prescriptions have been renewed. In case you got private medical insurance, find out from your provider whether this will apply while overseas. If it doesn’t and you need some extra coverage, you may choose to buy supplemental insurance.

Research the culture

No matter the field that you are in, knowledge is power. Before you travel, research can have a significant impact on your time. When you do your research before travelling, you will understand the areas to avoid and the places that you need to go. You will also have access to a lot of information that will prove helpful in your journey. Understand also the social norms in your destination country before you can get there if you will avoid looking awkward when you get there.


The good thing about travelling overseas is that you can purchase prescription drugs for very little money. For instance, in Africa, you can buy anti-malaria drugs for $1. It is also worth noting that the best healthcare is not in the United States but in centuries such as Thailand, Cuba and Costa Rica. This is the reason why medical tourism has continued to grow.


You will need to ensure that you have carried a lot of cash with you. Ensure that not only are all your bills new but there is no writing inscribed on them. If you will be visiting a destination where credit cards are accepted, you can ensure that you have deposited the cash after you have gotten home. It is worse to end up with no cash or an option for a credit card. If you will be using your credit cash, make sure that you are looking at the online statement at least once a week, while travelling to ensure that there aren’t any fraudulent charges. Ensure that you maintain your receipt for the big purchases like the hotel stays and compare the amount you are charged after getting back.

Note that the USD is no longer considered the currency of the world. In fact, there are countries where the exchange shops will not accept it. Therefore, it is advisable to carry the Euro to complement the dollars. However, many Latin American countries and African countries still use the dollar as a primary currency.

Contact your credit card provider before travelling to inform them that you intend to travel outside the country. There are moments when banks will think that there is a fraud that is taking place and will turn off the card as one of the security measures. Confirm also the entrance as well as exit fees from the country. Some countries will require you to pay before entering or even leaving the country. Remember that the fees are not included in the airline ticket.


Remember that any aeroplane tickets can be changed no matter the terms written on them. Bear in mind that with the right agent, the fees for changing may get waived. Majority of the people who travel business class use award tickets, special tickets or even upgrades from Economy. On top of the comfort, the premium transport can be helpful to you in many ways as it is possible to change the tickets without any penalty. You will also get an opportunity to hang out in the airport lounge and also enjoy VIP treatment.

There are places where buses are a good mode of transport for overland travel. In other places, trains are usually better as compared to buses. It is advisable to check the options available before you can travel. This will help you to make the right decision before visiting each place.

Travel vaccination

Travel Vaccination Suggested by Stylewati
Many destinations require that you get vaccinated against certain diseases such as Covid-19, yellow fever, polio, typhoid, Hepatitis A and measles. Before travelling you will need to ensure that you have the right vaccinations required in your destination country. You will need to get Travel Vaccinations Southbank in an authorized clinic. Remember that the goal of the vaccines is also to protect you from serious diseases Depending on your destination; you may come across diseases that are rare in the United States. Remember these things before your travel.

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