How to shower right? Tips and tricks explained

Showers are blissful, but bathing immensely is also not good. Yes, soap and everything do their job, but taking a shower needs to be just the right way. Getting glowy skin and shiny hair will not just come about with creams or shampoos. There’s a technique involved in doing so as well. Need a guide that tells you how to do it right? These tricks will definitely turn your overall look upside down. Now, take tips. Go go go!

Steam your hair first

Steam your hair first- By Stylewati

You need to take care of your scalp as it will have clogged dirt in it. So the best way to cleanse it is by steaming your hair. Soak a towel in hot water and take out the excess water. Now, wrap this towel around your hair for a while.

Massage please

Massage please-by style wati

Once the steaming is done, you need to gently massage your scalp with it. This will help you loosen your hair strands and also remove all the dirt. This will also strengthen your weak hair strands.

Use cool water

Use cool water-How to shower right-by stylewati

Heating products are anyway not good for hair and just like that, even hot water will cause hair damage. The heat from it can strip the natural oil from your hair, leaving the cuticles open. But cool water can close it and lock the moisture as well thus giving you shiner hair and it can also cut down the frizz.

Use paraben free shampoo

Use paraben free shampoo-How to shower right-by stylewati

You might have heard this so the next time you buy a shampoo check for ingredients first. Your shampoo needs to be free from sulfates and also parabens. Both these chemicals are harmful for your hair and can lead to allergic reactions as well. So it is advised that you opt for organic shampoos.

Brush your hair

Brush your hair-by style wati

We all have a tendency to head for shower immediately, but it’s a wrong practice in real. Tangled hair can cause problems while shampooing. Start from the bottom and then go upwards. You should also comb your hair gently post shower.

Shampoo for the scalp

Shampoo for the scalp-By Stylewati

Shampoos are designed so you can cleanse out all the dust and also get rid of dead skin cells. Rubbing the shampoo the wrong way will strip off the natural oils from your hair. Your hair will start looking dull and also lifeless if not taken care properly. Lather well only for the roots and scalp now on.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

Dont wash your hair everyday-How to shower right-by stylewati

As shampoos are known to have chemicals in them, it is advised that you steer clear of practicing this habit everyday. Wash them only twice or thrice a week to keep them healthy.


Oiling- by stylewati

You need to oil your hair before your shower time. Oils like coconut oil or olive oil are very helpful to do so. Let the oil penetrate in your hair and you need to nourish them later to have shinier and soft hair.

Say no to too much conditioner

Say no to too much conditioner-By stylewati

Applying a lot of conditioner will damage your hair texture and also make them greasy and oily on top. Also, do not use conditioners directly on the scalp as they can clog your pores and also reduce your hair growth. This will eventually increase hair fall as well.

Don’t leave it on for too long

Dont leave it on for too long-How to shower right-by stylewati

Don’t tale extra time as conditioners work on hair very quickly. If you thought keeping them for long means extra moisture for hair, you are wrong then. It can leave your hair greasy and also it won’t penetrate beyond a certain limit.

Towel techniques

\Towel techniques

Many women have a habit of rubbing their hair roughly with towels, but doing so will deteriorate your hair texture. You need to use a cotton tee to do so or a towel that’s made of microfiber. Now, gently dry your hair with it and remove the excess water from it.

Smoothening serum

Smoothening Serum-By Stylewati

A bottle of smoothening serum post showers are the best way to keep your hair dirt and tangle free. Just apply some of it on your strands below. Make sure the product you use is alcohol free so you can enjoy its benefits.

Keep showers short and sweet

Keep showers short and sweet- How to shower right-by stylewati

Your hair will be in a breakable state if you take showers for too long. So try to wrap up your time as soon as you can.
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