How To Crank Up Your Minimal Outfits For a Classy Look

Classy and elegant outfits will, beyond a shadow of doubt, glorify your appearance, but styling them regularly can be a real pain! There are times when you just want to revel in the liberating comfort that minimal outfits offer, while not compromising your overall appearance. Minimal attires are perfect for a casual day, no doubt, but most of them won’t carry you through times that demand that you look impeccable. Yes, that seems like quite a daunting task, but we are here to help you through just that! Sit back and learn how to push your minimal appearance towards the ‘classy’ border –


crop top with denim jacket

When you’re in the mood for something short, cute, and typically ‘girly’, so to speak, crop tops and tube tops seem to be your go-to pals! And while they may be the perfect pick for your weekend mood, it might just give off some ‘shabby’ vibes if not styled right. Fix that now
– hail layering! Throw a classy denim jacket over your crop tops, and leave it unbuttoned for an elegant touch, while still seeming effortless. You can also keep alternating between denims and shrugs, provided they have a proper fit, and complement the colour of your top or bottoms. When in doubt, layer it out!

Statement Footwear

White footwear-Suggested by Stylewati

Footwear is one part of your attire than you can afford to experiment with- it attracts the least amount of attention, yet subtly complements your outfit. There is a minimum of one statement footwear for each mood, though if you’re feeling a little adventurous, try mixing it all up with different combinations till it strikes. If your mood is minimal or casual, slip of white sneakers to up your exuberance significantly. They breathe a new life into your outfit by giving it a casual yet classy touch.


white t-shirt with blue denim.

Whether your mood calls for those baggy boyfriend/mom jeans or skinny denims, there is one little trick you can try to spice up your attire indefinitely- Tuck in! There’s something very crisp and classy about a neat tucked-in T-shirt with bottoms. Ever wondered how so many celebrities manage to look gorgeously classy in the simplest of outfits? They tuck it in. Think something along the lines of classic blue boyfriend jeans with a tucked-in oversized white tee- it even sounds classy, no? That’s because it really is. Throw on a classy tote bag to go with it, and head out for some fun!


Beautiful stylish scarf

Whip out those poor old scarves that you had stuffed deep inside your wardrobe thinking they were past their glory days. If, like me, you’re one of those really lazy bums out there, shake hands with your scarves to reintroduce some colour and life to your outfits! If your outfit has a good amount of embellishments, consider donning a solid coloured scarf that will not take away any of the charm from your attire, and will readily complement you. On the other hand, if your outfit has minimum or no embellishments or prints, opt for a printed or sheer scarf for a slightly polished look.


Classic blue or black denim

As the name suggests, Overalls will go amazingly well with any and all attires and moods. The magic of overalls will beautifully embellish the simplest of your tops while giving them the light of a new, toned look. Get classic blue or black denim overalls, style them over
literally any of your tees, throw on a pair of white sneakers and you’re good to go! Brace yourself for some attention though, because overalls can come off as extremely classy and bold.

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