Facial According To Skin Types

Skin is one of the most important parts of our body not just because it protects you from adversities but because healthy skin makes you look beautiful, confident, and bold. You know medical studies have shown that your mood is clearly reflected on your skin, and that’s why when you are too upset or not caring about it, your skin will start ageing and become dull and lifeless.

That’s why skin treatments are widely used in a beauty parlour in Noida to ensure you healthy and lovely skin, with the glow which you want. The facial is one of the most loved skin treatments because it ensures a number of things including exfoliation, scrubbing, massage, and so on. Multiple activities are done on the skin at a time to ensure the proper blood flow to the skin, tightening of the pores, and proper air exchange between your skin and the atmosphere.

But to know which facial is suitable for your skin type, you need to understand what kind of the different facial types are done in a typical beauty parlour in Noida

Sagging Skin: Collagen Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

This facial mask is made from various organic collagen products which tighten the skin layers and help in reducing the sagging look of the skin. The products add more collagen and elastin to the face, thereby making it look like ten years younger.

Oily Skin: Pearl Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

The pearl facial treatment is one of the best skin care treatments for oily skin because the herbal powder used in this process cleans the dark oily patches and rejuvenates the skin. It also extracts the excess oil from the skin pores, thereby freeing them from the clogs

Dry Skin: Galvanic Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

Galvanic facial treatments are the costliest but it is worth the money since it completely rejuvenates the dry skin and makes it supple and soft. The electric current, which is passed through the skin, is mild and helps in rejuvenating the dermal layers.

Rough Skin: Silver Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

Silver is one of the purest elements known to date and it has an affinity for toxins that accumulate in your skin pores, making it rough. This type of facial detoxifies the skin pores, rejuvenates them and makes them super glowing. For having beauty services at home in Noida, make sure you are specifying the silver facial kit type.

Ageing Skin: Wine Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

Ageing skin has a number of dead tissue layers compared to normal skin and perhaps that’s why red wine is used for this purpose. Wine supposedly enhances the glow of the skin, removes the dead cells by scrubbing and exfoliating from the within, and hydrating the dermal layers.

Sensitive Skin: Oxygen Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

Sensitive skin is the hardest to treat and that’s why oxygen is used to hydrate it and lighten the skin pigmentation. The oxy-mask, when applied on the face, helps in cleaning the pores and tightens the collagen fibre

Damaged Skin: Diamond Facial

Facial According To Skin Types

A completely damaged skin has damages extending to the internal layers, and hence it requires a number of different skincare techniques. The diamond skin facial exfoliates the skin from a deeper level, scrubs away the dead cells, removes the clog from the pores, and also tightens the skin.
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